choice of internet security packages

  pookie 15:12 03 Oct 2012


I have just posted this question but it has disappeared from the forum so here goes again.

Windows 7 Home. I have been using free Avast, free Malwarebytes and Windows 7 firewall. I have moved broadband to BT and they give free full version Mcafee internet security. However, a friend has just bought AVG internet security 2013 with several licenses and he has offered one to me.

So, on basis that the full versions, normally say £30 each, should be better than the free I was using would you go for the Mcafee or the AVG? Or are they much of a muchness? I have read reviews and both get similar scores but some users have said Mcafee can be a bit user unfriendly.

Thank you

  onthelimit1 15:16 03 Oct 2012

Personally, I'd stick to Avast. I've had problems with AVG (there is another thread about this), and have had problems with McAfee slowing things down. However, you will get others who swear by them!

  pookie 15:38 03 Oct 2012

Thank you. And Windows 7's own firewall?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 03 Oct 2012

What you have is good enough W7 firewall, avast, malwarebytes.

If your getting Mcafee for free then its worth it but remember it only lasts a year and then you will need to pay or uninstall (not always easy)

Same applies to AVG (I think this has now got over bloated I'm running a pay for version on my laptop (free for a year) but not impressed so definitely wouldn't pay for it when year ends.

  pookie 16:47 03 Oct 2012

thanks - I think I'll stick to the free versions as I never had any issues with them. I have installed the AVG package and the pc does seem a tad slower in general use so I'll unistall it

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