Choice of fonts when sending email

  Diemmess 10:15 03 Oct 2012

Somewhere in the past after changing my browser to BT Yahoo mail and Chrome, my alternative fonts are limited to a curious choice of Sans Serif 1,2,3, Serif 1,2, plus Courier New, Garamond and Lucida Console.

Prior to this using IE presented a much wider choice of fonts including Comic Sans, but for browsing it was slow and wobbly

I can't find any way to get away from what I assume is the default set. Can someone please tell me which buttons to push to solve this minor but irritating situation?

  northumbria61 16:42 03 Oct 2012

Diemmess - that appears to be the only choice of fonts. I have the same as you. I have searched in Options - Help & Support and can find nothing - all searches for fonts come back negative. However I use Incredimail and I am able to change fonts in that - that doesn't solve your problem of course.

  Diemmess 17:43 03 Oct 2012

Thanks northumbria61 but cold comfort!

The odd thing was that I could compose an email using IE if I particularly wanted say Verdana or Comic Sans.

I have just clicked on the IE shortcut on the desktop. Now even that opens BT Yahoo. Have just deleted that pointless shortcut .

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