chkdsk,spydot,device manager etc all messed up

  bof:) 22:48 09 Nov 2006

Hi all, been on to friend all night about her pc. The symptoms are as follows (as far as I can tell)

- 'Network Connections' box empty, cannot connect to net....use Onetel

- 'Device Manager Box empty,

- System Restore not woking will not allow any restore to be done,

- Chkdsk was attempted but only ran for about 5 error messages.

- Did Defrag...ok

Re-did Chkdsk, part 4 of 5 gave message:

replaced bad cluster in file 557 of name\windows\system32\c_28591.NLS

then carried on to finish normally.

Printer/photoscanner/ speakers not working

- Spybot failed to do a complete scan

- Adaware did a full scan, found lots that was deleted.
(updates over 500 days out of date, I checked time and date on pc it was fine)

Could not find Firewall in list of programes

Panda Titanium is run regulary but from cd disk. Not sure if ever updated.

XPhome used not sure what service pack.
No XP disk, its on hard drive, partition. (sorry dont know what make pc is...forgot to ask).

Cannot get to friends for a day or two so I'm looking for advice on what to do when I get there.

A general plan/list of how to procede if possible.

Everything I take will have to be on cd disk until can get connected to Onetel and net (friend has original conection cd).

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


  skidzy 23:28 09 Nov 2006

Hi Bof

Think your best bet here is the system file checker first.

Start / Run / type in the run box sfc /scannow (note the space) this may take a while.

If still no joy,i would suggest if possible a restore or recovery from the partition if it is availble.
F11 on startup may give you the partition and 3 options...think i would go for the restore to factory settings and start from scratch,this assuming it has the restore function on the partition.

Obviously if you can,back up what is needed first.
Hope this helps.

  bof:) 08:43 10 Nov 2006

Hi skidzy, my friend has loads of personal stuff on pc, you know the usual story, work stuff, photo's, kids stuff etc. she has Nortons but has nver backed anything up. I'm hoping its not a 30 day thing.

Only problem is if there a virus on there which I suspect will I copy the virus across if I manage to backup the personal stuff ?

I cannot understand why the Device manager and Network Connections are blank ?

Perhaps all the none working peripherals are not working cos USB settings are messed up? I think you can reset them by deleting them in Device manager but I have no devices showing in there.

I did think I could use the floppy drive to run Stinger plus anything else anyone can suggest but was also after any other options re virus scanning when the pc you are looking at has no internet connection, virus checker or firewall.

Installing zone alarm will be ok if Cd rom works, it does show up in My Computer.

If I uninstall Panda virus ( I think its way out of date) and install AVG how can I make sure I also take the latest updates? Also this applies to adaware/spybot updates.

What do you think?


  birdface 09:50 10 Nov 2006

Run the full service scan on this. click here. Takes about an hour.If you like what it does, You can download the full program, Its free for three months.

  birdface 10:06 10 Nov 2006

Sorry ,Ignore that last post, If you cant connect to the internet, It wont work.

  bof:) 15:05 10 Nov 2006


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:18 10 Nov 2006

You need to reload the OS. You can copy the documents and when you put them on a new format just run AVG and Ewido and you should be OK. If she has not updated her AV and Adaware is 500 days old...she had this coming.

It is unlikely that you will get the computer back into shape without a reformat,a huge amount og faffing about or by spending a lot of time.


  [email protected] 16:13 10 Nov 2006

If you can, keep trying to get sfc to run until completion [have the OS disc handy (yours will do for the generic sfc) as it may ask for .dll's]
When you run sfc, it may ask for the orginal disc. When you insert it, auto run will bring up the "what do you want to do" window. IGNORE this and close the window. SFC will then contue running.

Before you reload OS, do a repair install. Be very careful and take it easy.
Repair install will do just that - overlay the old and leave everything else alone.
Install will do just that - clean the disc then install - be careful.
Do you have an external/internal HDD? Try to get hold of one and duplicate her disc, warts an all, in the event you have to do a fresh OS install as a LAST resort ;-) . This may mean returning with her disc to put into your PC - depends how strong your friendship is ;-)

If there is a lot of clutter on the HDD as you say, download and take with you DiskeeperLite to run AFTER the OS is stable.
click here
but try to mirror the disc first, before any attempts are made.

Some PC's come without an OS disc but there is a protected part on the HDD with the re-install, sometime called (F or G - where D and E are the drive trays). If you clean the disc and reformat you will lose this and your friend will also have lost the OS!!!

From what you say I reckon this is just a sadly neglected PC which just needs TLC and time. Put Virus and Fresh Install's on the backburner. If you can get it up in safe mode you will be on your way.
Whatever you do, do it carefully, list what you do (somebody else may have to pick up the pieces), and take your time.
Good luck.

  bof:) 16:47 10 Nov 2006

hi all, thanks everyone for your advice.

I can see the OS needs to be reloaded. If this is in a partition on friends HD how do you do this?

If I run SFC, will it automatically look for OS in partition on HD?

Once SFC done then do I do a System repair install? Thus saving all personal stuff on HD.

I think 1st thing to do is copy off all personal files/photo's etc but will I copy any possible virus onto cd/dvd aswell?


  sunny staines 17:04 10 Nov 2006

bad cluster may be a sign the hard drive is on the way out.

  skidzy 17:48 10 Nov 2006

Sfc should use the partition OS if that is not corrupted.

I would still save all data/pics etc to an external harddrive that has been formatted and will be formatted again later once the transfer back has been carried out.You should be able to scan the external harddrive once you have the system up and running again.
You may have to be a little careful though that any virus does not corrupt the backuped data.

"Once SFC done then do I do a System repair install? Thus saving all personal stuff on HD."

If you follow this route you may find yourself back to square one,if the personal stuff is corrupted/infected you give it free will to do as before.

Basically,copy it all to the external harddrive and scan it later.Be prepared that some of the data may be unusable,then go for a restore of the OS (back to factory settings) then once the internet connection has been established,update everything spybot/adaware/MS updates/AV/Firewall etc.

This is the way i would go about trying to reclaim the pc from the nasties,though others may disagree with me.

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