denchris 12:38 22 Dec 2003

My grand daughter`s pentium 450 running xp pro has started running chkdsk on bootup after which it reboots and then appears to load normally. she is 12 yrs old and says she has done nothing to cause this. I have been looking everywhere I can think of to find what could be triggering this action and I can`t. Has anyone any ideas ? please ..

  BigMoFoT 12:54 22 Dec 2003

May indicate a fault with the hard disk or a problem with Windows shutting down. (Poss corrupt files!)

Try runnin scandisk/defrag in safe mode and also try running chkdsk from a cmd prompt also in safe mode

  hugh-265156 13:09 22 Dec 2003
  denchris 13:19 22 Dec 2003

Thanks huggyg71, looks like I`ll be while, I`ll get back ..

  Taran 13:21 22 Dec 2003

I don't know whether you keep the PC in question up to date with patches, but there is a Microsoft patch that stops checkdisk from running improperly at system startup click here

This will have no effect if there are bad sectors on the hard drive or if the drive is failing in some way.

If you type chkdsk into Start, Help and Support you will get some tutorials on how to use checkdisk.

A Microsoft article covering checkdisk and the various swicthes you can use to perform different tasks with it can be found click here

Finally, tow more things for you to try.

Open the Control Panel, double click on Administrative Tools then double click on Event Viewer. Click on the Application, Security and System entries in the left hand panel and see if any entries in the right panel are flagged with an error. This can help sometimes in the event that software is an issue during shutdown.

Open My Computer, right click on the hard drive icon and left click on Properties. Click on the Tools tab and use the Error Checking, Defragmentation and Backup options. Backup will create a backup of the files you choose which can then be written to CD or stored on another PC via network connection. Error Checking and Defrag do what they say and should be used to see if any errors are detected.

It's always difficult to diagnose specifics from limited information, but if you try the above the methods should help you get closer to any issues.



  denchris 20:23 22 Dec 2003

Thanks friends for help and advice, but I found myself in a catch22 situation where the problem prevented a cure. The patch suggested by Taran refused to install due to " cyclic redundancy error " which made me come over all faint as I`ve been there too often ! ! ,event log showed a frightening mass of errors ` BTnet, system faults and many more, so, as i could not scandisk,defrag, or any thing else come to that, I`m sorry to have to admit I gave up and clean reinstalled and now angel? is happy again. Many thanks again and all seasons greetings.. Dennis.
P.S Huggy71 Your links were too complicated 4 me to handle :-((( Have a nice Xmas .

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