Chkdsk in XP

  Southernboy 17:01 31 Dec 2003

When running Scandisk in W98SE, I used to do so in DOS as it was easier than having to close down programs running in the background. When the procedure was finished, it displayed a report which I could peruse and save.

However, CHKDSK in XP does not appear to be so user-friendly. Fair enough, it requires the PC to be restarted which avoids the need to close down programs BUT, it does not seem to produce a report that can be viewed.

On one occasion, I returned to the PC just when it was finished, and I noticed that a report flashed up, scrolled down and disappeared almost immediately, making it impossible to read it.

My question is - is that report saved to the HD and, if so, how can it be accessed?

  Trackrat 17:49 31 Dec 2003


  powerless 22:39 31 Dec 2003

Go to Start, Run, Type:

cmd /k chkdsk C:

Click OK.

3 checks will be made and you'll have a report at the end of it.

If problems are found it will not be able to do anything as the parameter has not been specfied as you will see.

So just type:

cmd /k chkdsk C: /f

Press Y and enter and this will will schedule a full scan and will fix any errors.

Now to see what chkdsk has been up to click Start, Run, Type:


Click OK.

Click APPLICATION and look for "Winlogon" under Source. Double click it and there is your report.

  Southernboy 15:22 02 Jan 2004

locate the report for the CHKDSK I carried out a couple of weeks ago, or do I have to do it all again?

  Southernboy 15:24 02 Jan 2004

what Trackrat is on about. Why DO some people leave mysterious comments, or is it some code I should understand?

  mosfet 15:41 02 Jan 2004

is being helpful,bumping your post to the front again.

  woodchip 15:46 02 Jan 2004

In win98 it was saved in the Root of C:\

  karnisingh 01:19 03 Jan 2004

Is there a way to reduce the 10 second delay that is for the option to cancel CHKDSK during the XP bootup.

I have 5 partions on a large hard drive and it is a pain to have to wait 10 seconds for each partion before CHKDSK will commence test.

  Southernboy 16:28 14 Jan 2004

This PC has XP. Where can I find the report, please?

  powerless 19:07 14 Jan 2004

If you look at my origianl post you can see what check disk did in the event viewer.

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