chkdsk won't repair bad files

  Pine Man 20:42 21 Apr 2005

If I run chkdsk from the command prompt it tells me I have bad files and should run it with /F to fix them. To do this I have to restart windows and it appears to go through the chkdsk procedure but as soon as it finishes the report it disappears before I can read it!

Next time I run chkdsk from the command prompt it still shows bad files.

Any ideas how to; 1. Read the report and, 2. Fix the bad files?

  Chegs ® 21:10 21 Apr 2005

Isn't the correct syntax chkdsk /r ? No matter,here's a page with the monty on CHKDSK.

  Chegs ® 21:14 21 Apr 2005
  Chegs ® 21:21 21 Apr 2005

help chkdsk
Checks a disk and displays a status report.

CHKDSK [volume[[path]filename]]] [/F] [/V] [/R] [/X] [/I] [/C] [/L[:size]]

volume Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),
mount point, or volume name.
filename FAT/FAT32 only: Specifies the files to check for fragmentation
/F Fixes errors on the disk.
/V On FAT/FAT32: Displays the full path and name of every file
on the disk.
On NTFS: Displays cleanup messages if any.
/R Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information
(implies /F).
/L:size NTFS only: Changes the log file size to the specified number
of kilobytes. If size is not specified, displays current
/X Forces the volume to dismount first if necessary.
All opened handles to the volume would then be invalid
(implies /F).
/I NTFS only: Performs a less vigorous check of index entries.
/C NTFS only: Skips checking of cycles within the folder

The /I or /C switch reduces the amount of time required to run Chkdsk by
skipping certain checks of the volume.

So you can reduce the time for CHKDSK to run by adding certain switches.

Does the PC get to a desktop?
If so,you might be better with SFC /SCANNOW

Think I got the / right way round. :-)

  Pine Man 11:35 22 Apr 2005

Thanks for the above.

I have run chkdsk with the various switches but it does not appear to fix the errors.

When I carry out a scan using chkdsk without a switch I get the following report:
Correcting errors in Master File Table (MFT) bitmap attribute.
Correcting errors in the Volume Bitmap.
Windows found problems with the file system.

When I run chkdsk with either the F or R switches it does not fix the errors.

I am running XP SP2 with NTFS file system.

The computer runs ok but I am unable to back up to Norton Ghost V9 because of the bad files.

Any ideas?

  woodchip 11:48 22 Apr 2005

It does not repair bad files it repairs bad clusters so files can write to the disc. Run SFC /SCANNOW to repair Bad Files

  Chegs ® 12:22 22 Apr 2005

If its getting to a desktop then I would still give SFC /SCANNOW a go,also try FIXBOOT/FIXMBR from the Recovery Console.I had grief from DriveImage,kept failing with a similar error.Tried alsorts,but nothing short of a format/reinstall would fix it. :-(

I found this page offering a solution,but the page doesn't work(Page Unavailable) click here

I found the above link here click here

Reading down the various posts,the CHKDSK errors appear frequently with NTFS filesystems,suggested fix was to run the HDD makers utility(I think they mean such as PowerMax(Maxtor) but I'm only guessing at this)

  Chegs ® 13:08 22 Apr 2005

I have just been researching (via google) each bit of the above problem(chkdsk/Correcting errors in Master File Table (MFT) bitmap attribute,etc)and each suggested link ends up with the same resolution,a "low-level" format & reinstall.This is a tad drastic(in my book)but if none of the Recovery Console CMD's or SFC /SCANNOW has worked,then it looks like this is going to be the way to go.Then,on reading up even more,it seems that even if you do go this route,there is no guarantee the problem wont return.If it returned AFTER using Ghost to create an image,there is no guarantee you will be able to use the restored image(for long before these errors cause major problems)

"Mike Steinbaugh (August 20, 2003) Downgrading won’t fix the problem. I’ve seen the message on 2K as well. The only way I know of to get rid of the glitch is to low-level format."

In a post I read somewhere(lost the page now)this initial problem was being blamed on .Net Framework(and there are a couple of Updates to .Net,so possibly M$ have addressed this already)

  Chegs ® 13:30 22 Apr 2005

"I found this page offering a solution,but the page doesn't work(Page Unavailable)"

The correct link is here

click here

One suggestion was to reinstall but format in FAT32,then use the "Convert" command to turn it to NTFS.(He used Partition Magic,to convert to FAT32 then the "Convert" command to NTFS again.I presume you dont have PM so altered this post to suit)

  Pine Man 16:35 22 Apr 2005

Thanks for all the links.

I thought I was alone but clearly Im not!

It wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't updated to Ghost V9 as the previous version worked ok and no other programs were affected.

I'm going to try some of the proposals from the links before I reluctantly tick the resolved box.

  woodchip 19:35 22 Apr 2005

You may have a problem with this chkdsk on big drives, I think MS as a patch for it. If it is chkdsk this can corrupt files

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