Chkdsk problem

  birdface 09:55 20 Dec 2011

Hi. My grand daughter is home from University and has problems with her Laptop.

System repair in safe mode will not finish.sfc /scannow will not finish.So I started running chkdsk early this morning.

It has got to stage 4 of 5 and is struggling.

So far it has found 7 bad clusters and has replaced them.

Name\Windows\Winsxs\Temp\Pending~1\10b790~1,cdf File 95217 all are the same sort of file types but with different numbers.

It has already being running for about 5 hours and to me looks like it has stopped but a little bit of movement about every 20 minutes or so means that it is still running and so far has only completed 10% of the scan.

In my view if it keeps going at this speed it would probably be tomorrow or the day after before it completed the scan.

Is there any way of speeding it up or is it doomed to failure.

She never got a W/7 CD with it but it can be restored to Factory setting providing I can get out of chkdsk without the laptop crashing.

I have a W/7 home premium CD OEM version I believe, that I got for my computer so not sure if it would work on a laptop if it came down to a repair.

She obviously has work on the laptop that she does not want to loose but if I try and come out of chkdsk before it finishes it may just crash.

I can confirm that it is still moving but ever so slow.It has gone from 10% to 11% in the last hour.

11% Complete 123017 of 166128files processed.

So what do you think just leave it and let it run out.It is still at stage 4 and stage 5 might even be worse.

  rdave13 10:12 20 Dec 2011

I would be inclined to leave it for now and see how it goes. The chances are good to lose all your data if you power off now. It might be slow if the hdd is failing and chkdsk is working hard.

  birdface 10:46 20 Dec 2011


Yes tend to agree with you the laptop is only about 18 months old so I am thinking along the lines is that she has deleted something that she should not have.

If it has not finished by tomorrow I will have to think about coming out of it.

I was wondering if as they were classed as Temp would there be a way of removing them then running chkdsk [Name\Windows\Winsxs\Temp\Pending~1\10b790~1,cdf File 95217 all are the same sort of file types but with different numbers.]

This is the only thing that looks similar to my problem and was the only one I could find when Googled.

looks like the same sort of problem but a bit over my head.

  birdface 11:06 20 Dec 2011

Something else for me to have a look at if I ever get the computer rebooted.

I did run Winaso and clean up to clean the registry but if I remember right there was an unticked box in clean up with temporary something on it but as it was not ticked for removal I left it.

That may well have helped if I had removed them.

Now those last two Click here's were for Vista but I would imagine it would be the same on W/7 looks like it is pointing in the right direction at least.

Still stuck at 11% with chkdsk and if it has to go through all of those files in that folder it could take ages.

  rdave13 11:15 20 Dec 2011

Have a look here

Possibly to do with Windows updates waiting to install after reboot? If you decide to get the PC to reboot I'd have a go at system restore in safe mode if available.

  birdface 11:41 20 Dec 2011

I have installed the latest updates on it and waited while they loaded at shut down and start up.

There was one that would not install so have told it to ignore it on further updates.

Just takes ages to start.About 5 minutes,And does not run that good when it does start.Thats why I have been looking for the cause.Updated everything that i could and downloaded some new security programs ad wait for it.her Norton had run out.

I removed it in add remove then downloaded the removal tool from Norton and ran that.

I personally do not think it is anything to do with Norton but a bit paranoid about it since it wrecked my computer a number of years ago.

All the Widows updates have been installed and it showed no further updates.

Not sure how far I would have to go back with the system restore as she has had problems with it for a long while.And do not want to loose anything she has downloaded for her University work.

So will leave it as a last resort.

Like you say it could well be something to do with the updates but just wished i had removed the temporary files or folders when running clean up,That may well have saved all of the problems.

Worst comes to the worst there is always back to factory settings to fall back on I hope.

  rdave13 11:48 20 Dec 2011

Have to go to work before long but will look in later on to see if you get any more help and see what you've tried. Good luck.

  birdface 12:02 20 Dec 2011


Ok thanks for all of the advice.

If it does not get any quicker I will shut the computer down and see if it will reboot.But will leave it running for another 4 or 5 hours to see if it sorts itself out.

  birdface 14:38 20 Dec 2011

Ah well looks like the laptop has died on me.I went out leaving it doing the chkdsk scan and when I came back in it was dead no lights nothing.

It could be the charger that is the problem as the original one was lost in the post about 10 days ago.Grand daughter bought a cheap one from E-bay

I managed to get it started with the battery removed last night but no such luck today.

It could also be the battery as that is what showed up when starting without it.

It did fully charge using the new Charger but as it was running chkdsk for about 7 hours I could not see if it was draining the battery or not.

Now got 3 choices.Battery,charger or Laptop.

Anyone like to hazard a guess.Or time to take it down to the local computer shop.

  birdface 14:51 20 Dec 2011

Ah don't know taking it all apart I decided to try with the Battery out again and it worked this time so will carry on for a while without the Battery to see what happens.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 20 Dec 2011

Duff battery will pull down the voltage and cause the machine to "fail to boot"

If its running OK off the mains then it may be that the cheap power supply has not been charging the battery properly and a new battery may go the same way.

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