Chkdsk malfunction?

  Daibus 13:24 03 Apr 2010

I had a problem on my laptop and did a backup from an external hard drive and all seemed OK but upon boot up I always get the message to chkdsk my local drive which is started, but the operation seems to hang at 6% on the 2nd stage. How long does this process normally take and should I be a bit more patient?

I have also entered chkdsk /f or /r into command prompt but the operation still seems to stop at the 2nd stage. I am also prevented from defragging volume(C:) as again I am told to execute chkdsk/f.

Help much appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:31 03 Apr 2010

It takes a long time be patient.

  Daibus 13:42 03 Apr 2010

Good advice for me, but should I start the process from boot up or go to command prompt, and if I do that should I type in chkdsk/f or chkdsk/r or anything else ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 03 Apr 2010

You need to run from boot up as Chkdsk cannot run correctly while windows is using the disk.

  birdface 15:00 03 Apr 2010

Best bet may be starting it yourself.
My Computer.Right click c drive and click on properties.Tools.Check Now and tick both boxes.You then have to reboot for it to start.

  Daibus 19:36 03 Apr 2010

Thank you both for your replies but after a few attempts the process still seems to be curtailed.

I left it running for over 5 hours this afternoon but no more progress after 6% in the 2nd stage and I can hear the hard drive winding down as the 5% point is left.

No problem with getting the process to start and I've initiated it as per buteman's advice and upon reboot off it goes only to stall again, or so it seems, which is the same result I get if I go into command prompt and start the process from there.

I know the procedure will take a long time but it seems there is something not quite right.

Very grateful for any more ideas.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:57 03 Apr 2010

MAke of disk ?

may be better to run the manufacturer's on checking tools on the disk.
eg seagate disk click here

  birdface 21:07 03 Apr 2010

Mine takes less than an hour but there is not much on my computer.
Maybe give Malwarebytes free an update and run just to make sure you have no Virus problems on your computer.

  Daibus 18:24 04 Apr 2010

Many thanks again for your replies.

No problems via Malwarebytes and out of three scans in Seagate SeaTools the Long Test failed.

At the start of this problem I was told to delete settings.sol which is in Macromedia applicaions but it will not delete as won't Macromedia itself. I suspect maybe this is the problem so is it safe to, and how do I delete this application?


  Daibus 11:06 07 Apr 2010

Still having problems completing chkdsk/f as it still hangs on the 2nd stage at 6%.

From the command prompt I entered chkdsk and the whole process did finish and indicated errors:

Eliminate - settings.sol in index s130 in file 1058.

With this information would it be possible to eliminate the fault?


  birdface 11:48 07 Apr 2010

All a bit over the top for me.

click here

Best waiting for someone to give you the proper advice in case you remove the wrong ones.

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