CHKDSK - another problem

  johndrew 18:57 27 Jan 2007

A short while ago I posted a question because CHKDSK ran uncommanded click here . I have had it run twice in succession now and decided I needed to carry out the procedure advised. I got as far as typing CHKDSK /F /R F: and pressing enter to start the process, however it reached section 4 of 5 and has been there for over 2 hours with 0% indicated; is this to be expected?

Thanks in advance for any information or further advice.

  PaulB2005 19:00 27 Jan 2007

How big is the HDD?

I wouldn't expect it to stick at 0% for over 2 hours. Is there any sign of disk activity?

You could slave it into another PC and try running HDTune click here on it. It has a scanner that works like CHKDSK and can read the SMART info from the drive.

  johndrew 19:08 27 Jan 2007

Thanks for coming back.

The HDD is 250GB and the activity light is on solid red so `presumably`(?) something is happening. I went into `My Computer` and attempted to open the drive but was told it could not be accessed; I also checked `Properties` and found no use, availability or size so again perhaps it is being `worked on`.

I don`t have another PC but can `talk` to you because `F:` is my second drive. I am running HDD Health which also reads the SMART info and that says the drive is good (97% confidence) and all parameters look OK.

  johndrew 22:04 27 Jan 2007

Well, I let it run and it just completed after over 5 hours run time. I checked it and it is `not dirty`.

Can anyone indicate if this length of run time would be expected for this size of drive?

  johndrew 11:28 28 Jan 2007


  johndrew 16:24 28 Jan 2007

^ Three strikes and I`m out!!!!!

  ACOLYTE 16:27 28 Jan 2007

5 Hours is way to long IMO it should take more than say 15 minutes unless the drive is faulty.Did you set it to scan the hard drive itself for bad sectors?,this can take an age especially with big drives.

  johndrew 20:17 28 Jan 2007

Thanks for coming back ACOLYTE.

Ipresume it did check for bad sectors as I did exactly as recommended, i.e.

`FSUTIL DIRTY QUERY F:` (followed by the enter key)

It told me `F: is Dirty`

Entered `CHKNTFS /X F:` and rebooted

Entered `CHKDSK /F /R F:` and let it get on with the scan. It was pretty quick up to check 4 which took most of the time.

Entered `FSUTIL DIRTY QUERY F:` and it came back `not dirty`.

I must admit it seemed a long time but then it is a big drive. What I don`t know is whether the time is reasonable or not. All I know is that I no longer get the CHKDSK screen at boot so it must be OK.

What do you recon?

  ACOLYTE 13:11 30 Jan 2007

It may have been that the drive had system errors and chkdsk fixed them,if the hard drive had sector errors thats a bit more cause for concern,most HD have redundent sectors than take over when others are damaged so you should hardly ever see bad sectors showing up,so if chkdsk found some it could mean the hard drive is on its last legs.


  johndrew 13:52 30 Jan 2007

Thanks again for your input.

As I mentioned before, I run HDD Health which provides SMART info plus quite a few other parameters. When I looked at the `Extended Information` for the drive ot says thee are no bad, reallocated, uncorrectable, write error or other counts - this indicates to me (as a novice in such matters) the drive is OK. As a result I must put the problem down to system errors - we did have a power cut the other day whilst the PC was on.

My confusion is still the length of time it took to run CHKDSK. I have some Acronis backups and home DVDs which may have a level of encryption, coukld these have slowed things do you think?

  squillary 15:42 30 Jan 2007

Can I ask whether you're running this from the desktop or on reboot? Some files are locked in normal use so it can only run as a scheduled scan. This may be the cause of the delays.

From the Start\Run command box, type: cmd
From the dos window, type chkdsk /f /r F:

It'll tell you you can't lock the current drive, so answer Y to the question about running on reboot, then reboot.

Hopefully this should let it run without hanging. I don't know how long it should take for you, but it should start clicking up in section 4 or 5 almost immediately.

Hope that helps

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