Chirping monitor

  PA28 20:08 16 Oct 2003

I have a Relysis 18" TFT (TL761) which is great except that when it goes into standby mode it chirps quietly. It took me a while to realise where the sound was coming from, as it's subtle and sounds a bit like birds in the garden. The power transformer is built into this screen and appears to be the source of the chirp (turn it off and all's quiet)and the chirp doesn't happen when the display is on. There's no fan or any other moving part - so what is causing this. Any TFT technos out there that can explain please?

  PA28 09:43 17 Oct 2003

Don't think so, it's too subtle. It sounds a little like a (very quiet) fan squeaking sometimes - but there's no fan there. I usually leave my monitor in standby when the computer is on so that it powers up on the computer power button - doesn't everyone else? Thanks for the suggestion anyhow wiznyme.

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