Chipset recognition & other chipsets questions

  Fried~Chips 23:25 11 Sep 2008

looking for a new Socket 775 motherboard and looked at here click here at say the motherboard ASRock wolfdale1333 GLAN/M2 which has Aria quick code 30795.

I noticed a question at the bottom of the page where someone asks about fitting a Nvidia card onto the motherboard and reply from Aria was you would be better with a P35 chipset.

My question is why a P35 chipset. Does anyone understand what the advantage is with a P35 chipset ?

  brundle 23:33 11 Sep 2008

The questions relate to overclocking - the lower-end (cheaper) boards generally don't overclock well in the first place,the P35 is apparently pretty flexible in that respect.

  Fried~Chips 23:48 11 Sep 2008

but by just fitting a Nvidia AGP or PCi Express card this is not overclocking. For some reason why does the motherboard not work well with a dedicated graphics card. Is it because of the AGP limit with the Onboard VGA ?


  brundle 23:51 11 Sep 2008

The graphics card is irrelevant as far as the answers are concerned - the responses are only relating to the processor type and overclocking ability. There's nothing there to suggest it doesn't work well with a dedicated card.

  Fried~Chips 23:59 11 Sep 2008

Thanks. I think it a ploy from aria to sell a more expensive board maybe.

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