Chipset fan replacement

  chrismuir 09:52 21 Nov 2003


Have been noticing an increase in fan noise from my PC recently so I took the CPU fan and chipset fan off and cleaned them up. When restarting the PC with the case off, was able to determine that the noise was actually coming from the chipset fan, and it is quite loud. After looking through some of the PC component website I was unable to find anywhere that sold this fan on its own, but came across a fan replacement - a silent motherboard Northbridge heatsink, details as follows:.

'ZM-NB32J does not require a fan, thus it does not need to be powered, nor does it create noise or vibration. The northbridge chipset can be cooled down to an optimal temperature without generation of noise.'

I am curious whether anyone else has used this item in place of a fan on their motherboard and what results they had. Also, is it possible to buy the chipset fan seperately??


  Jester2K II 11:04 21 Nov 2003

How big is the fan?

Usually a brand new fan will be silent. Its the cack on the blades and the worn bearings that makes the noise...

Probably better to replace it with a fan unless you have good number of fans providing a good throughput of cool air...

I've seen replacement fans kits in local PC shops for about £7...

look here click here

Coolermaster DXY-4C1XC Northbridge Cooler (Blue LED is over kill but it'll fit if your is 40 mm)

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