Chipset fan for Abit IC&-G Motherboard

  Flopper 10:01 16 Jan 2006

When booting up my PC which has an ABit IC7-G motherboard my chipset fan whined but stopped when I logged on which strikes me as odd. I have taken the fan out and dusted it and put it back which was rather fiddly but it has now started whining again.
I am asssuming it needs replacing?
If so are all chipset fans alike/ a standard fit?
Are some better than others? Any recommendations?
Please note this is not the same as the Pentium chip heatsink and fan which is somewhat larger.
The chipset looks like a small round heatsink with the fan resting inside it.

  Gongoozler 10:38 16 Jan 2006

Hi Flopper. Chipset fans are generally 40mm square. I bought one from an Ebay supplier click here. The heatsink is attached to the chip by an adhesive pad, but an easier way is to remove the fans from the heatsinks and just swap the fans.

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