Chipset Drivers, how to uninstall them???

  Mysticnas 16:42 16 May 2003


just upgrading my motherboard, to one with a different make of chipset. I wanna try hotswapping, but been told i should try to uninstall the current chipset drivers from windows first.

Win XP pro, HDD = 120 & 40Gb, DDR Ram 1Gb, P4 2.4, Gigabyte motherboard 8IR533 intel chipset.

new motherboard = Gigabyte SiNXP 1394 SiS655 Chipset.

If i bung in the chipset driver CD for the current motherboard and try to run it, will it automatically come up with the uninstall option?


  Mysticnas 17:01 16 May 2003

i just put in the CD and it said devie: hhfff

or summat like that, then went to the chipset drives link and it said no chipset device detected...

whats going on here?

  Mysticnas 17:13 16 May 2003

pretty pretty please???

  woodchip 17:17 16 May 2003

You will be better with clean install

  hugh-265156 17:17 16 May 2003

try from click here they should just update over the top of the original one.

  hugh-265156 17:19 16 May 2003

sorry read your post wrong.reinstall windows for new mobo might be best

  Mysticnas 14:54 17 May 2003

.. hotswap... but just kept booting to bluescreen. so fresh install it was.

clocked my 2.4 to 2.63 and cpu temp still only 36C.

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