Chipped Cartridges for Epson printers

  Southernboy 15:30 06 Nov 2003

What does 'chipped' mean? Some sites offer the choice of 'chipped' or 'unchipped'. What's the difference?

  Jester2K II 15:37 06 Nov 2003


1) they've been dropped and damaged


2) The cartridges have micro-chips in them to stop you using copy cartridges in your printer. Manufacturers do this to make sure you buy their cartridges.

  vienna1981 15:37 06 Nov 2003

some epson printers like the C42UX have cartridges with a chip on them...compatible cartridges will also have a chip but the printer will recognise them as different, but you can still use them, if your original cartride that you got with the printer (if you got one that is) has a 'microchip' on it then you should go for the chipped option

  Southernboy 15:52 06 Nov 2003

is my printer, bought from Time/The Computer World/The Computer Shop, or whatever they call themselves this week.

They told me they could sell me compatible cartridges, but they never seem to have any in stock. I have tried the suggested Choice Stationery, but they do not list this printer. I assume, from what you say, that I am looking for a 'chipped' compatible cartridge, as the C44UX (if I correctly understand the reply) will not accept 'unchipped' cartridges.

I have been astonished by the price of Epson cartridges and, as I am on a low income, I cannot afford them. Can anyone give me a direct link to an actual product that will work on the C44UX without damaging it? I gather, again from what you say, that the printer will know it is not an Epson product that has been inserted and I do not want to damage the printer. At the moment, I cannot use it as the colour cartridge has run out. Having already bought three black cartridges at ?14.99 a time (that seem to last no time at all) I really have to find an affordable alternative. I should have known the printer was too good to be true at ?44.99!!

  Jester2K II 15:53 06 Nov 2003

Buy cheap then. click here I buy original at half price!

  Southernboy 15:53 06 Nov 2003

? read as ?

  Southernboy 15:54 06 Nov 2003

the Pound sign, but comes up as ?

  Bagsey 16:01 06 Nov 2003

click here
We are still hoping for an answer on this one from our friendly FE.

  Southernboy 16:03 06 Nov 2003

Thanks for link. However, have just scrolled through 9 pages of Epson cartridges and couldn't find any reference to the C44UX.

  Bagsey 16:08 06 Nov 2003

Have you checked this site?

click here

I think this is what you want. If not email the shop for advice.

I have just bought chipped Epsom compatible cartridges from the link supplied by Bagsey. The price and service are great, but unfortunately for highly demanding photographic work the quality is not acceptable. There are a large number of compatible cartridges out there and I suspect they are not all equal.For general work compatibles seem ok,but, and I never thought I would admit this, for high quality printing Epsom take some beating.
btw Southernboy, when I inserted the colour compatible into the Epsom printer, I got a message saying the cartridge was not a genuine Epsom and did I want to continue.Just click yes and off you go.

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