Chip Speed

  JustJack 16:37 30 Sep 2003

I want to make my PC go faster but don't know

1 how to find out what my operating speed is at present

2 what (based on that information) I should buy

3 how easy it might be to fit / install

Can anyone help?

  bremner 16:43 30 Sep 2003

Right click on My Computer and choose Properties. Your processor details will be at the bottom on the right.

You will need to give details of the motherboard and processor before you can really be advised what to buy.

Easy to fit new Mobo & CPU, but be aware you may need to buy RAM and a Power Supply unit as well.

  alan 2273 16:44 30 Sep 2003

Try this click here
It will tell you everything about your computer.

  hugh-265156 16:51 30 Sep 2003

control panel/system/general will tell you clock speed and installed ram.install some more if you have less than 512 ram

free up some memory by disabling uneeded services and start up here and click here

set the display to windows classic to free up some more resourses and turn of the effects.control panel/system/advanced/performance/settings/visual effects and control panel/display/themes

buy a good graphics card if you play games aswell.

if thinking of overclocking be careful and read everything you can before attempting could kill the computer very easily.just type overclocking into click here

  hugh-265156 16:53 30 Sep 2003

aida32 is a great sourse for information on your hardware click here

  JustJack 16:57 30 Sep 2003

Wow - very impressed with speed and knowledge.

I seem to be running at 1.13 ghz with an AMD Athlon chip.

I have 256 Mgb of installed memory and a drive volume of 40.98 GB with 36.36 free.

Your advice would be appreciated.

  hugh-265156 17:05 30 Sep 2003

aida32 will let you know what motherboard you have installed and give you links to the manufacturer where you can find out if the processor can be upgraded to a faster model or get the latest driver updates for the rest of the hardware..

  bremner 17:05 30 Sep 2003

What do you use the machine for and what operating system have you got.

If it is mainly internet / word processing etc and you are running a W9x o/s then your system is more than sufficient.

If you are a gamer / video editor / and are running Win XP then dependent on your budget there are a number of upgrades that would speed things up.

If you have downloaded one of the programs recommended above - what is your motherboard and graphics card.

  JustJack 17:09 30 Sep 2003

I have 261,616kb of RAM and Voodoo 3 on a standard games port. I do not do a lot of video work (but would like what I do to be faster) and I am not a gamer. I run XP.

  JustJack 17:11 30 Sep 2003

My o/s is W2K

  hugh-265156 17:21 30 Sep 2003

all the above will still apply regradless of OS.

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