Chip Confusion?????

  pcwhizz 14:20 01 Sep 2004

I have a 2500+ Barton running at mo with 512mb 333mhz Crucial RAM!

Im thinkin of goin for a 64bit Athlon 754pin system!

But wot im confused about is sum people are telling me that for video and sound encoding go for the more expensive Pentium 4, yet sum people say to me there is no difference!

For the price i obviously see i can get more with the athlon, but will i be benefiting myself by goin for the new athlon or shud i go to the Pentium 4's

Also can sumone explian the new Pentium 4's to me!

theres so many variations and models that have massive technical differences at same clock speeds!


p.s im am lookin at the 64bit Athlon 3000+ on ebuyer. so i wudnt spend more than £120 on a Pentium 4 chip!

  woodchip 14:35 01 Sep 2004

Go for 64

  pcwhizz 14:42 01 Sep 2004

am i wise goin for the 3000+!

or shall i fork out bit more for the next one?

  woodchip 14:47 01 Sep 2004

Well I always go for the middle ground where the price changes, I got the Best for Value. Not the latest as you will lose every time as they will bring a new one out as soon as you buy, and the price will drop

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