Chilliblast and Cyberpower help choosing new pc

  suedeblue 10:10 30 Oct 2008

I'm looking at buying a new desktop pc and was wondering if anyone has any experience of chilliblast or cyberpower desktops.
I do not have a great technical knowledge about pc's so would appreciate some help please.

  I am Spartacus 10:27 30 Oct 2008

No experience of either but Chillblast have recently been getting very good review in the mainstream magazines.

What's your budget and your main uses of a PC?

  suedeblue 12:49 30 Oct 2008

Hi I am spartacus.
I would use it for general applications and gaming.

  suedeblue 12:49 30 Oct 2008

Sorry forgot to mention budget is approx £1400.

  I am Spartacus 13:16 30 Oct 2008

What games do you play? Does the budget include a big monitor? If not you should be able to spend a lot less than that.

  suedeblue 14:56 30 Oct 2008

I'd like 19-22 in monitor and play games such as far cry, halo, quake.

  toon_mad 15:29 30 Oct 2008

i used cougar, very good. btw you can get any good pc gaming pc from £700 upwards

  suedeblue 15:30 30 Oct 2008

toon_mad, any suggestions on a pc.

  I am Spartacus 15:33 30 Oct 2008

If you buy the monitor separately you'll get a wider choice. I have both 19" and 22" monitors and the 22" I think are better.

Probably a starting point for a specification:

CPU - E8400 or E8500

Graphics Card - ATI HD4850 (4870 if you plan a bigger monitor)

Hard Disk - 1 or 2 500GB Samsung F1

RAM - 2GB PC800 or PC1066

DVD Writer - Any really or a Blu-Ray drive

Motherboard - Any that supports the above CPU's and 800 or 1066MHz RAM. I prefer Asus but there's other excellent manufacturers as well.

PSU - Branded 600W e.g. OCZ, Corsair, BeQuiet, Thermatake, Antec. (Corsair and BeQuiet make quiet PSUs)

Case - at least 1 120mm intake and 1 120mm exhaust fan. Bigger cases can give you better airlfow. 120mm fans tend to be quieter than smaller ones.

OS - Vista Home Premium.

I haven't bought from Cougar Extreme them but some forum members have and rate them click here

The Chillblast Fusion Anoconda at £1000 with a 22" Monitor is a good specification although I'm not aware of that brand of monitor. The graphics card is outclassed by the ATI 4850/4870 but isn't available as an option in that package.

  suedeblue 15:36 30 Oct 2008

Thanks I am Spartacus. I'll take a look.

  I am Spartacus 15:38 30 Oct 2008

Forgot the link to the Anaconda click here

I was typing when toon_mad posted but you have a Cougar recommendation already.

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