Chillblast v Cougar

  fazer 23:51 28 Jan 2009

Up until yesterday, I was very close to placing an order with Cougar Extreme but after doing a final check on the price of the machine I want, I have noticed that the price of their Intel E8600 processor has gone up £40 sometime over the past couple of weeks.

So after reading PC advisor, I thought I would look around again and then compared Cougars price for the same spec computer as Chillblasts Fusion Osiris ("Best Buy" - Pc Advisor)- same RAM, hard drive, OS, graphics card etc. Cougar comes out at £749 but thats without a monitor - not that I need one - which is the same price as Chillbast with a monitor. I am awaiting Chillblasts response to their amended monitor-free price but as you can see, their price will uncut Cougars by I would expect, a considerable amount of money.

So my question is guys, taking into account everyones favoured opinion of Cougar, should I still go with them or is Chillblast just as good and worth going with based purely on their prices?

  fazer 00:02 29 Jan 2009

oops! Cougar price should read £724

  Snec 01:25 29 Jan 2009

Well, for what this is worth, I have bought several computers from Cougar for myself and for others and until they get something totally wrong I would not even consider purchasing a computer from elsewhere even if the price worked out a bob or two more. If they were miles out on price then that would be a different matter of course. I would rather buy from a company that I know is good than risk money with an unknown quantity.

Chillblast may be as good, or better, than Cougar for all I know. I have no personal knowledge of their machines and have no reason to doubt them but Cougar are the best I've ever dealt with.

  gazzaho 02:25 29 Jan 2009

I have a Chillblast juggernaut and can say I'm quite happy with it, the only complaint I have with Chillblast is they don't communicate a lot during the sale, you place your order and just wait for the machine, there isn't a lot of feedback from them. My machine arrived a few days outside the quoted time but compared to some other companies I've read where weeks and even months go by before delivery a few days is nothing. The build quality is fine and the components are top shelf I did however have to install some drivers on receiving the machine, mouse and sound card to be exact, so far I'm happy with the machine and apart from a lack of communication it's been a painless purchase.

The proof with any company though is when things go wrong and so far I haven't had to test their Customer Support, touch wood, and I hope I never have to.

  daveeb 15:19 29 Jan 2009

Exactly as Snec says, in my opinion Cougar are worth every penny. Even if they aren't the absolute cheapest they're still very competitive. I certainly intend to get my next pc from them.

  citadel 17:09 29 Jan 2009

the price of cpu, motherboards, etc, imported from the far east has gone up due to the pound being worth less.

  johnnyrocker 19:39 29 Jan 2009

i have a cougar recently bought and apar from having to upgrade graphics drivers on switch on i find little problems apart from the odd niggle


  fazer 22:19 29 Jan 2009

Thanks guys. Cougar it is then!

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