Chilisoft ASP & MySQL anyone ?

  Taran 00:03 10 Jan 2004

Well, this is probably a long shot, but here goes.

I know that it is possible to connect to MySQL using Chilisoft ASP running on Linux. I've tested it locally on one of my test servers running Apache but I don't personally know anyone first hand that has experimented with it to any extent.

I am aware of the comparative limitations of using Chilisoft ASP on Apache instead of a dedicated Windows hosted web server. I am likewise aware of the capitalised syntax coding standard issues surrounding some of its use, but there are reasons behind this that I do not want to go into too much detail about at this point.

If anyone has ever played along these lines I am curious about performance hits, bottlenecks and any similar/other problems when handling quite large amounts of data.

This is at a clients request and even after I and others have explained just some of the problems with Chilisoft and that they will not be able to easily port a finished system over to a Windows hosted web they are still showing interest in chasing the illusion.

Some people just will not be told, but reading between the lines I have a strong suspicion that they are thinking of a re-usable porting system between server platforms.

It will be interesting to be involved with it, if nothing else...

Anyone ?

  Sir Radfordin 01:34 10 Jan 2004

Taran you should know by now that we all come to you for answers not the other way round!

I do however have load of ramblings on "The role of Object/Relational Databases in E-commerce" that is supposed to pass as an assignment! Interested? Nah nor was I!

  Taran 09:50 10 Jan 2004

If you come to me for your answers then God help the lot of you !


Thanks for the offer of your collective ramblings. I teach Software Engineering up to HND level at a large college, so I have a more than passing familiarity with RDBMS, OOP and e-commerce.

I was more interested in brass tacks from someone who has tried this in terms of noticeable performance hits and any other headaches. I know it can be done - I'm sitting here right now with a screen open on a test server running Apache on Red Hat with a Chilisoft ASP to MySQL connection humming along. I've got a whole load of working pages set up with read from/write to queries, an admin page set up for easy database management [my own version of phpMyAdmin, for want of a better description] and one or two other things.

Getting it all to come together on this scale is not the issue though. I'd far rather know what works well and, more important, what stumbles - as I said above, nobody I know has tried this at commercial level, probably for a lot of very good reasons that come readily to mind.

I think I'll keep trying to dissuade them from the whole idea. PHP/MySQL just works too well, as does Windows hosted 'proper' ASP with SQL server for that matter. Not much point in doing things just because you can. I prefer a better reason and frankly, I'm struggling to find one in this whole project.

Thanks for your offer though.


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