childrens tv site

  carriebp 11:47 01 Feb 2005

our 9 yo likes nick tv wb problem you,d think.i e gets taken over and it,s even hard just to connect to the internet(broadband/win xp).any settings i can do anywhere to stop this happening.i,v tried to email the site but no answer.

  mattyc_92 11:51 01 Feb 2005

Any error messages, what operating system and does it effect any other websites???? (or do you find it hard to open the bb conection??)

  carriebp 12:08 01 Feb 2005

other half went into i/e tools and there was a load of gobbledegook in home page,think part said dns error but only saw it for a nano second.yes we could,nt connect. b/b modem error box stating connection failure.he re entered our isp(onetel)and got connected.our daughter likes the site it should be fun...but something is wrong somewhere.

  mattyc_92 12:13 01 Feb 2005

Try uninstalling your modem and any other software that came from your ISP.... Then restart the system and then reinstall all of it again and tell me if you got any error messages or if the connection inproved...

  carriebp 12:23 01 Feb 2005

gotta go out now but will follow your advise and post back this evening.very very grateful for help.

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