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  [DELETED] 19:20 08 Oct 2003

The recent post entitled "Thanks for nothing" invited the usual responses from members who seem to only post to certain threads.

One of the bone of contentions was (paraphrase) I have a question and its being ignored because members are replying to "The PCA website is slow". Now obviously menorcarob2 made a big mistake in his/her title and message input but you can guarantee that the responses will come thick and fast and get more and more personal.

It does the forum no favours having this lynch mob aproach..........

Just to echo and copy and paste one of the comments posted by "The Paul" who responed to the thread....

Frustration Is A Great Driver
that can often take a wrong turn.
When I fisrt saw the thread - the title obviously drew me straight in. Then I went straight out again. Now having read some 62 postings, the main messages I seem to get are that:

1)menorcarob2 had a problem which he/she needed resolved. No responses came, for whatever reason, and frustration set in. As a very firey Irish laddie, I can see how someone would get TICK and let rip. The end result is that the problem still remains.

2)the Forum Angels (my nickname for all the faceless wonderful people here) have become rather annoyed at the frustration shown by menorcarob2. Result - STAND OFF.

So - why dont we all take a wee coffee to ourselves while we calm down (scouser style) and start all over.

menorcarob2 - would you do me a favour. Repost your original thread - or add to it - with the information that the guys (without gender) here feel could have helped them help you resolve the problem.

Forum Angels - will you do me a favour too - allow menorcarob2 a wee while to get the information into the thread and try to get the problem sorted out.

If you all do that - I promise you that I'll leave you all alone for a while. A wee one mind.



  [DELETED] 19:30 08 Oct 2003

Well said spikeychris.

And I will repeat, the more system information and the error messages generated would be a great help in diagnosing problems.

  Rayuk 19:43 08 Oct 2003

And also the use of Google for error messages may be of help to posters

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