Chieftec HDD Drive Rails Where To Get Them?

  Highland Guy 22:11 18 Mar 2006

Hi Folks, I am looking for a set of sliding HDD drive rails for a Chieftec Apollo series case.

I wish to fit a second HDD but without these rails I'm stuffed.

Have tried Chieftec themselves but as of yet have not received an answer (over a week now).

Chieftec's UK distributor not replying either.

Googling has not returned any answers apart from American sites that do not ship to UK.

The only ray of hope I might have left is that the case in question was supplied by Mesh Computers as part of a system.

Mesh have been duly sent an e-mail last Monday at time of posting still no reply there either.

I could really use a helping hand on this one so if anyone got any ideas please share.

Many thanks in advance.

  ade.h 23:02 18 Mar 2006

Are these the plastic rails that slide in and clip into place, holding the hard-disk on threadless friction-fit screws?

I have some spare sets, one pair of which I would be happy to donate. If you would like them, email me with your address and I'll post them to you.

  ade.h 23:03 18 Mar 2006

You could also try getting touch with a stockist. I bought my Chieftec case from Overclock click here

  Highland Guy 22:16 19 Mar 2006

Many thanks for your kind offer ade.h but alas the rails I require are of the metal variety.

I have e-mailed every stockist I could find so here's hoping someone will be able to help me.

  ade.h 22:18 19 Mar 2006

Sorry I couldn't help. Hope you have some luck.

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