Cheyenne Bitware problem

  MICKY BOY 14:57 02 Feb 2004

Have just reinstalled Windows 95 on my old computer.
During the re-stall of Cheyenne Bitware encountered various problems to do with drivers. Downloaded new drivers OK . Thanks to those that helped yesterday with advice.
Have been left three problems that I cannot seem to cure.

1 A error message when I use the Modem detector in Cheyenne Bitware, saying Modem detection found a COM port currently used by another application. Do you want to continue the detection anyway.
2 On answering a voice or fax call Cheyenne Bitware does not play the recorded message to notify the caller which buttons to press.
3 Cheyenne Bitware will not release the telephone line even when Cheyenne Bitware is closed down. The only way to release it is to close down the computer and start again
Can anybody assist as I am getting frustrated at not being able to correct this problem.

Regards Mick

  Diemmess 17:51 02 Feb 2004

Haven't looked at your first thread, but had a similar problem with drivers for a friend's old PC which had run from the beginning in 95.

Trouble was they had a new USB only - printer.
That was relatively a meccano type adition with an upgrade to 98.

The modem was quite a different matter and I eventually found a friendly driver which worked by choosing a look-alike from Windows own collection of "56K" modems.

There was of course no Bitware or Supervoice but that doesn't worry this couple who use it sparingly for internet info, and typing letters!

My point is that you now have 3 variables to match
The Modem, the OS and the telephonic and Fax stuff.

The OS is obsolete and you may have better luck begging or researching for an OLD version of Bitware or even Supervoice. Then again why not try to install just the modem from generic drivers - for a start.

I think the problem could well be solved by someone on this forum who understands the command strings and can dictate what should show when you access those.

It is sad to see your post disappearing without a response so if nothing else, this will have bumped it up.

  woodchip 19:24 02 Feb 2004

Go into Control Panel Double click on Modem icon then remove any Modem that shows, next go into Device Manager and remove any items with Yellow marks, Next go to Add New Hardware Wizard and run it when it says it's found new hardware click have disc and put the Driver disc in that you got with the Modem if it on the Bitware CD put that in and navigate to the Win9 Drivers Folder and click ok

  MICKY BOY 19:46 02 Feb 2004

Thank you for your advice and your concern.
I am new to all this. But I do not like to be beaten so I will persevere and people like yourself give me help and encouragement, thank you!
I have a state of the art computer at home, but want to keep my old computer running W95 at the office. It has, till now given many years of good service, answering many phone and fax calls and I don’t want to give up easily.

Once again thank you for your advice


  MICKY BOY 19:50 02 Feb 2004

Thanks I have done that already three times today.
But still have the same problem.


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