Cheyanne Bitware

  MICKY BOY 13:15 22 Jan 2004

Have for some time used Cheyanne Bitware on an old office computer running Windows 95 and have found in to be a very good fax, voice and data software facility.

Have tried to buy a later version to run on another computer using XP. But cannot seem to find a newer version, even after searching the Internet for a supplier.

So have downloaded and installed to my new computer running XP the same version to the one installed on my W95 computer. Although it installed OK I cannot find the Bitware fax printer in my printer folder to send or receive faxes.

Any advice on why I cannot find Cheyanne Bitware fax printer.
Also can anybody tell me if you can still obtain a more modern version of Cheyanne Bitware for XP even under any other software name or if they can advise a software that is similar to use as Cheyanne Bitware.

Regards Mick

  Gemma 13:41 22 Jan 2004

click here No reference to XP but it might run in compatibiity mode.

European Headquarters:
Cheyenne Software S.A.R.L.
Bel Air Building
58 rue Pottier
78150 Le Chesnay
European Tech Support


  MICKY BOY 14:03 22 Jan 2004

This is the site i downloaded for XP
Will try Compatibility mode

Thanks for you response

  961 14:17 22 Jan 2004

I've tried to re-install Bitware after upgrading to XP, even to the extent of getting a new modem with Bitware included on the cd

It just doesn't seem to want to work. Either it won't find the modem, or if I fiddle around till it does, it won't work once the fax software is installed

Cheyenne was taken over by Computer Associates and I did see that their site offers a business edition for $60. Can't say I'm that desparate, but it's a pity because it was streets ahead of any other fax programme and I am sorry it no longer seems to be available

  MICKY BOY 14:42 22 Jan 2004

Have you got Computer Associates web address or is it easy to find on a search.
I feel the same, I found Bitware so easy to use over the years, especially when it came to attaching attachments from different windows programs. $60 would be worth it to me if it as good as Cheyenne Bitware

Thanks 961

  961 17:31 22 Jan 2004

Computer Associates is at click here

If you type Cheyenne Bitware into their search engine you'll find many articles some of which indicate that..

they seem to have sold on the name to ACCPAC who can be found at click here Again if you search for Bitware you'll find the latest editions, including a free trial download, which seems a must in view of the fact that the price seems to have risen to $80. Thank goodness for a strong pound.

The alternative seems to me to natter on this site to find someone who knows why the discs with XP fail to work. Somebody must know why, especially since these discs are still being issued with software modems

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