Checksum error at start up.

  ventanas 08:40 05 Apr 2004

From time to time one of our machines fails to boot with the following error:

Bios Rom Checksum Error
Detecting floppy disc A media. Insert system disc and press Enter.

I suspect that the battery may be failing and the machine is looking to the A drive for settings it can't find. But the clock is still ok.

I would be gateful if anyone can offer any further help with this.

  alan227 09:35 05 Apr 2004

click here
Have a look at this site.

  ventanas 09:40 05 Apr 2004

Thanks. This confirms what I thought. Bios settings are still at default, so should not be any problems with replacement.

Thanks again.

  Gongoozler 09:40 05 Apr 2004

A checksum error means that there is a problem with the BIOS. This is different from the CMOS. The BIOS is in a flash rom and is the code that you change when you flash your BIOS. The CMOS is in volatile memory that is maintained by the battery, and only contains the settings for the BIOS and clock. If you are getting checksum errors, this suggests to me that there is a problem with the BIOS chip. Flashing the BIOS may correct this. My ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard has the facility to boot from a floppy if the BIOS becomes corrupt, and this may be the message that you are getting. This floppy is completely different from the Windows boot floppy.

  ventanas 09:45 05 Apr 2004

Whoops, getting confused with bios and cmos. It definitely states BIOS so could be the board on the way out. Oh well! It started ok this morning, so I'm going to leave it on for a few days.

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