Checking state of old HDD re further usability

  AroundAgain 18:34 03 Sep 2013


I've got a couple of old HDD that have come from old computers. I could put one or other of them to use as back up or extra drive, in my PC if they were going to see the distance

Is there a way of checking the state of these HDDs before fitting them in a PC, please?

Otherwise, I'll be hammering a nail through them, or taking them apart to see what's inside ;) I do hate waste!!!

Thanks folks

  lotvic 18:52 03 Sep 2013

go to the HDD manufacturers support website, there will be a free program to download that will thoroughly check them.

I found some very powerful magnets inside my scrap broken HDDs :))

  bumpkin 20:41 03 Sep 2013

Unless they are a decent size 160g or upwards not worth wasting your time in my opinion. Take one apart by all means but it is a disappointing experience, worth doing once though.

  lotvic 00:06 04 Sep 2013

bumpkin, shame you were disappointed, can't think why, as there are plenty of pics on internet of the insides of HDDs so you should have known what it would look like. Perhaps you didn't like the very shiny mirror disk (or what you could see reflected in it... LOL)

  Chronos the 2nd 08:07 04 Sep 2013

Have a look here. Bit-Tech 1 and 2 and 3. A guy sought old HDD's for an art project. So a load of us bunged him our obsolete drives and this is some of the results.

  lotvic 12:10 04 Sep 2013

Chronos, couldn't see your pic links - got message that you have to be logged in to bit-tech forum to access those pages. Drat, I was intrigued to see what the art project looked like :(

  Chronos the 2nd 12:17 04 Sep 2013

oops my mistake as the link is for the Marketplace part of the forum which you will not have access to. Will try and copy them and relink.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:21 04 Sep 2013

Try this. HDD Art.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:25 04 Sep 2013

Added notes to the images taken from the 'artist'.

  bumpkin 13:59 04 Sep 2013

Lotvic "shame you were disappointed, can't think why," I was expecting powerful magnets inside:-)

Chronos the 2nd, HDD Art, not exactly the Mona Lisa is it:-)

  lotvic 17:39 04 Sep 2013

Chronos, ignore bumpkin, he can't even find the magnets in a hdd ;-)

Here you go bumpkin click here have whirl and try to make one of these if Art doesn't appeal to you.

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