Checking ram functioning OK

  ray27 19:33 30 Jul 2003

Mesh Elite 2.8 MGZ Pentium 4 OS Windows XP Home

I have checked out all the Award bios beep code sites and apparently award only uses 2 codes 1 long 2 short = a video problem any other beep/s indicate a ram problem.

Well I am getting various beeps on boot up from 1 ,2 and six .

I must assume that I have a ram problem.

I only have one strip of memory (512 MB DDR ) and that?s seated in OK.

As my system is a new one which I got in Feb the manufacturers say that I should send it back for them to check .

They will not visit on site (it?s well documented in lots of posts on this site) so if I can prove what the fault is it may result in not having to send it back.

Is there a way of checking that the ram is OK?

Cheers Ray

  howard60 21:25 30 Jul 2003

try taking the ram out of its slot and putting it in another slot. If the problem is still there see if a friend has a pc with the same type of memory and try yours in theirs and theirs in yours. Check 1 other thing if you have any usb cables plugged in pull them out. I have found 3 pcs refusing to start and with the usb cables out they are ok.

  rasalom 22:27 30 Jul 2003

try this.

click here

  ray27 10:11 31 Jul 2003

I have unpluged all the usb cables and its still the same.

In the initial boot up screen it does say that the memory checks out OK, and I don't have any problems opperating the pc.

Alas I don't have any friends who have PC's (I have retired and sit at home on my own ), sad isn't it?


When I try to use the link you sugested it looks like it's something that has to be downloaded.

Could you please tell me what it is ? as I am a bit wary of downloading things in case it has to go back and they use that as an excuse to say that it was a software problem.

Many thanks Ray

  stupidhead 12:02 31 Jul 2003

This link will take to you Doc will need to download the program, run it, and that will create a bootable floppy.

click here

Pop the floppy in your machine and re-boot, suggest you select Burn in Test, once its up and running...this will test your RAM for as many hours as you like..

Very good program...

  howard60 21:32 31 Jul 2003

give a hint as to your location one of us must live near you I live in Ilford East London. Mesh pc's generally are very good. I had one from them many years ago and to my knowledge it still works for the grandson of the guy who had it from me. If it is still under warranty let them have it back but it makes sense to check it out first. Nothing worse than finding out afterwards that you had your mouse and keyboard in the wrong sockets etc.

  howard60 21:34 31 Jul 2003

just read your first post again - are you saying that the pc works ok but you get a couple of beeps when it first starts up?? if that is so they all give one or more beeps on starting and this is normal!!.

  ray27 08:50 01 Aug 2003

First off I live near Orpington Kent

The beeps I get are normaly 2 ,DAA DEEEEE,
and at other times I get about 6 going somthing like DA DE DIDDLY DA DEE DAA.

I have not found any thing obviously wrong with it but on the other hand I am not using it to it's full potentional.

I don't use it for games or anything like that just compiling quiz's, letters ,photography and geneaology.

On occasions I have had the one single beep thay I have read is the normal one.

It all seems to have started when they changed the hard drive recently but there again they may have been there before and I just didn't notice them.

I would let them have it back but unfortunatley I got rid of the origonal packaging (as I had paid for three years on site cover I did not think I would need it) and sending it back will be a last resort due to the fact that it appears to be working OK

Cheers Ray

  rasalom 22:32 02 Aug 2003

it's a memory checking program.

You have to download it, create a bootable floppy and reboot the computer. it will then check your memory.

  ray27 08:02 07 Aug 2003

Ram seems to be OK
I am going to stick with what I have got and not send it back unless it starts to play up
many thank for all you help

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