Checking out my web site, before I publish

  Boy Zone 19:54 26 Nov 2003

Hi to you all.

I have created my own web page using Dreamweaver MX, and before you ask I didn't use code or CSS, just design.
Question how do I check to see if the pages all work, and no confliction? I have checked the validation of entire site, but I get little red boxes appear, informing me that I have this and that on a code entry line eg. tags embeded does not have an attribute plus fonts. Are these real problems? 00:50 27 Nov 2003

just preview it 'locally', meaning in your browser without uploading it to your web host?

I don't know much about Dreamweaver, never having used it, but I am sure there must be an option for this (maybe I'm wrong).

  Talented Monkey 01:05 27 Nov 2003

assume you used something like the W3C validator click here
I wouldn’t worry too much about this if you are not bothered about the likes of access or browser compatibility issues. do.

Many of the tag values ,such as font and positional values, are now depreciated , as they are supposed to be assigned within CSS, and will appear as not valid code when run through a validator.

As long as al your pages look fine and link properly in your browser, then most people will see it the same way as you

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