Checking file on System C

  Braniff 11:10 04 Jun 2010


At least twice a week when I turn my laptop on the following comes up;
Checking files on system C. The type of file system is NTFS volume lable is windows. One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency.
It then does a check and starts up as usuual. I am not very computer literate and would like to know what this means and how to stop it, fix it please.

  woodchip 11:29 04 Jun 2010

disc contents sound like they may be getting corrupted, it could be a faulty memory strip. if you have more than on strip try one at a time

  Braniff 11:33 04 Jun 2010

Hi Woodchip,

I don't really know what your answer means with not being very computer literate?

  mooly 11:40 04 Jun 2010

Well I googled this and it seems a common issue, unfortunately often with no definite resolution.

Just out of interest (for my own curiosity) have you or do you use 3rd party cleaners/registry cleaners/pc optimisation software ?

This problem may also be caused by malware, have you run a full scan using for example malwarebytes, superantispyware etc.

A full reinstall may be the only fix that works as a last resort.

  Braniff 11:42 04 Jun 2010

My laptop is a Toshiba and has Windows 7, only 6 months old.
I would be grateful for step by step help to fix it please.

  woodchip 11:43 04 Jun 2010

If your Computer is a Desktop, inside the case there will be strips of memory pushed into slots in the motherboard held by a clip at each end of the slot these you just pull back for memory to be released, you need power off and switched off at wall plug before removing a strip. strips are about four inch long and about one inch high, only remove one at a time and test to see if it stops it. refit if it does nothing and then remove other to test.

removing all memory and computer will not start,

there are only safe volts inside, 230volts is only in the power supply box at top back

  ronalddonald 11:46 04 Jun 2010

I think you should tick it resolved and the post this on absolute beginner.

I think wood chip is trying to say there are memory sticks inside the computer, and hes asking you to remove and run the computer as being computer literate that means going inside the machine.

It gets a little complicated because you need tools, ie you need a strap to ground your self available from maplin, pc world, a screw driver.

The there's problem is that its a laptop. You should a computer manual either in pdf format that came with the laptop, that could explain things easier.

Theres instructions on how to remove the memory ram, which you will have to Google and look on you tube or buying a computer maintenance book maybe from amazon.

click here

click here

good luck it is pretty daunting but you get use to it and feel proud if you done it right.

  woodchip 11:47 04 Jun 2010

laptop, memory is under a plate at the bottom of laptop, after removing battery and power plug take plate off, you may see all the memory under the plate they just lift slightly then pull out

  ronalddonald 11:50 04 Jun 2010

click here

click on the pdf

  ronalddonald 11:50 04 Jun 2010

and save it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 04 Jun 2010

If the laptop is only 6 months old DO NOT open covers to mess with the memory it would be better to take it back under the warranty.

If windows 7 is running s disk check on every start up then it is either a defective hard drive or a corruption in the registry.

In the search box type
when it opens
Navigate to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrrentControlSet\Control

change the value of WaitToKillServiceTimeout from

WaitToKillServiceTimeout 12000


WaitToKillServiceTimeout 20000


The proper way to stop chkdsk from running on startup is to use chkntfs:

chkntfs /x c:

Where c: is the drive you're excluding from the disk check. You can use multiple drives as arguments like so:
chkntfs /x c: d:

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