Checking external Maxtor drive for bad sectors

  Southernboy 12:48 06 Jul 2005

Maxtor is drive G, shown on My Computer as a hard drive. Going to Properties/Tools I clicked on Check Disk, and checked the two boxes for a full check. I got the standard (hard drive) message that the check would not be carried out until I restarted the computer. I was puzzled at this as there are no Windows files on the USB2 drive, but restarted the computer.

Nothing happened. The computer just booted up as normal. Tried agin, again, no result. I then tried without checking the two boxes and got something called a "Phase 1" message. But I want a surface check and a report.

How can I carry out a full ChkDisk on this external drive, please?

  recap 12:55 06 Jul 2005

Try: Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Scan Disc.

  Southernboy 13:09 06 Jul 2005

is no Scan Disc in System Tools.

  Completealias 13:35 06 Jul 2005

Ok try disabling all your security apps (hence do this offline namely firewall and antivirus, and anti anti spyware app that have real time protection), then try the disk check as you did before and see if it will run in windows.

The reason why it did not scan your drive on reboot is because it is an external drive and the usb drivers aren't loaded up till windows starts.

That phase 1 message you got is the disk check in xp it just runs through 3 times if you don't check the scan for bad sectors or 4 if you do its not the same interface as win 9x

This click here may be of some use as well

  wee eddie 21:49 06 Jul 2005

click here

click here

click here

click here

At least you have all your work on the old ZIP Drive!

What I cannot understand is why you don't just Copy your HDD files and Paste them onto the receptor drive.

  Southernboy 22:15 07 Jul 2005


As my home PC has no internet connection I have no anti-virus/Spyware/Firewall etc. I regret I don't understand the rest of your reply. I followed the link, but that does not tell me how to carry out a surface check of the USB drive. There must be a way. The Maxtor manual recommends running ChkDsk but does not say how.

  Southernboy 22:18 07 Jul 2005

Why are you confused?

Surely it is sensible to have more than just one backup device? I don't have my files on Zip disks because backups failed and overwrote what was there previously.

  woodchip 22:27 07 Jul 2005

Hears what you should do to make it work in windows XP Go to Restore and turn of restore for the External drive. As you should not need it if you are only using it as a backup. If you have partitioned the drive so you can put a Operating system on a partition then just leave restore ON for that partition. You can also Delete the "System Volume Information" Files on the partitions that restore is turned off they are not needed and take up a lot of room. if you restarted Restore for a partition it will recreate the above file. You only need restore on for an Operating System like C:\ and you can set that to 8% it should be big enough. Any drive with Restore turned of should work in windows with Check Disc

  woodchip 22:38 07 Jul 2005

To turn it off, right click My Computer Restore tab click drive you want to turn off, click settings and put tick in box settings you can then check that drive with Disc Check

  Southernboy 21:25 01 Sep 2005

have found that by going to START>PROGRAMS>COMMAND PROMPT and then typing in CHKDSK /?, I can get a selection of CHKDSK operations but, when I try to check drive G, I get the following:

Forces the volume to dismount first if necessary, All opened handles to the volume would then be invalid. (Implies /F)

Now, I have seen some gibberish in computer language, but this takes the biscuit - what the blazes does it mean?

  lotvic 22:06 01 Sep 2005

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