Checking emails on a remote computer

  cruiser2 18:04 22 Apr 2010

What do I have to do to log on using another computer which is in another part of the country, say at an internet cafe. I may have to use this facility to view and print some information which is being sent to me by email while I am away from home.
Many thanks for any help

  Sea Urchin 18:09 22 Apr 2010

You would have to go to the webmail site of your mail provider where you can access your incoming mail.

  cruiser2 18:14 22 Apr 2010

How do I get to the webmail site of my mail provider on a different computer.
What information will I need?

  Sea Urchin 18:21 22 Apr 2010

Just the website address - which is your mail provider?

  Sea Urchin 18:35 22 Apr 2010

Plus you'll need the password to access your email account

  johnincrete 18:46 22 Apr 2010

My email account with hotmail & gmail were opened when I lived in England. Now I live in Crete I do exactly the same as I did in England. I type click here and up comes Hotmail. Then I type in my userid & password - all exactly the same as when I was in England. I've resisted access via cell phone - that's far too "High Tech" for me!
When I access email from a computer other than my home one, and I come up with a site or email I want to investigate later at home, I just email myself with URL's or forward emails Hotmail to GMail or vice verca. I bet some expert will come up with a better way but it serves its purpose.

  FRANKMAC 19:10 22 Apr 2010

You dont say which email service you use at the moment, this may be accessible from other computers. But failing that i agree that one of the easiest to set and use is Gmail. click here

Go to this page, bottom right hand corner, click create account, 5 mins and you will be up & running.

  cocteau48 19:14 22 Apr 2010

Have a look at this:click here

  exdragon 19:14 22 Apr 2010

You could always use You don't need an account, just your email address and password.

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