Checked your system clock lately?

  jack 10:57 01 Apr 2010

See click here

System clock just put on another hour
How is yours?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:59 01 Apr 2010

Bang on time.

Is your machine playing an April fools day joke on you?


  Sea Urchin 11:01 01 Apr 2010

Didn't you know?

And what was wrong with your original thread?

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  Kevscar1 11:20 01 Apr 2010

Thats what you get for buying a cheap machine from Pakistan.

  jack 12:20 01 Apr 2010

This machine is a lovely old lady what I built my self with genuine parts made in China all of 10 years ago- apart from the new MoBo 4 years, New HD 2 years also from China.


  northumbria61 12:24 01 Apr 2010

Could be as a result of today - I am sure there are many more around like this.

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  john bunyan 12:25 01 Apr 2010

Had exactly same problem with clock - thought it was a battery, but after a reset all seems well. I have W7 64 bit, and wonder if a recent update did it? (3 Year old Evesham, but a good spec)

  ronalddonald 12:26 01 Apr 2010

it could also happen in the united kingdom

  ronalddonald 12:30 01 Apr 2010

know what is its that silly year 2000 where all the batteries in every piece of electrical equipment had to be changed, in case broke down i cant spell the word mellium so there!

  northumbria61 12:32 01 Apr 2010

click here

Time Traveler might be the culprit here.

  john bunyan 13:06 01 Apr 2010

You may well be right. In fact, a few days ago I (with hindsight foolishly) downloaded an update checker along with a hardware checker reccomended on this forum. My Malawarebytes stopped wit a error 714, as did my e Mail, wanting a repair. I tried a system restore, and that reported that my Firewall settings had been inerfered with. In the end I did an ATI clone from my slave drive to my primary, which formatted the C: drive in the process, and then I updated and all became well. (I clone weekly after a scan, and also do an ATI image.)

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