Checkdisk and Nortons

  GBL 17:16 08 Feb 2003

I am on WinXP pro using Nortons Utilities 2002.
Every time I attempt to do a Checkdisk it freezes at 31%.
e.g. I re-boot as it says, then it goes to run the tests, when it gets to number 4, Checkdisk is verifying file data, it gets as far as 31% then thats is.
I end up rebooting etc.

Another test states that I have 4kb in bad sectors, what does that mean in plain terms??

  woodchip 17:26 08 Feb 2003

It means you have bad or damaged clusters on your disc, run disc doctor and allow it to finish the job of correcting the errors nothing will then be written to the bad clusters. it may look as if it's stoped but give it time to finish

  GBL 18:05 08 Feb 2003

I do get impatient, but will take your advice and give it another try then go for a walk or something.

  hoverman 18:21 08 Feb 2003

When you say that you attempt to do a 'Checkdisk' are you referring to Norton Disc Doctor? My own opinion is to leave Norton Disk Doctor well alone and use Windows XP Error-checking instead. There was another thread about this some time ago, possibly before Christmas, and replies were of the opinion not to use Norton for error checking. I have searched for the posting with no luck. Can anyone find it?

  GBL 20:18 08 Feb 2003

You are correct I am refering to Nortons Disc Doctor, it did work this time, but after running the check again it still said there were errors on the disc.

Will search for the messages you relate to and get back in a while.

  GBL 21:33 08 Feb 2003

That seems to have sorted it out for now. I took your advice and ran the Error Checking etc.
Norton still said that there was an error so ran it again, seems OK now.
Complicated things these PC's.
Like you I couldn't find the previous messages.
Thank you for your help.

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