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  napster 23:51 24 Mar 2005

  napster 23:54 24 Mar 2005
  Totally-braindead 01:08 25 Mar 2005

Why do you keep posting this in the Helproom, if you want people to look at it and make comments fine but post it in the Webdesign Forum. The Helproom is for people who need help with a PC problem.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:42 25 Mar 2005

I feel that you are not listening.


  rubella 01:50 25 Mar 2005


With the ears on amigo.

Mate, whilst deliveries like yours don’t bother me, many others here are going to flame you because you are posting in the wrong place. I think they have been gentle with you so far because of your age, but that generosity will not last.

  tinthedad 03:22 25 Mar 2005

Reminds me of The Simpsons.

  Jackcoms 09:51 25 Mar 2005

And the FE has already firmly slapped you on your childish 13-year old wrists a few days ago for multiple posts which are only adverts for your ho-hum website.

  Meshuga 09:55 25 Mar 2005

I don`t see where consideration for this persons age comes into it. If he/she`s intelligent enough to design a web page then they are intelligent enough to understand that they are posting in the wrong forum but choose to ignore it. This person has been a similar problem in the past and we only have his/her word as to age. The answer is to ignore any future posts in future unless in proper forum.

  Bagsey 10:04 25 Mar 2005

Web Design a+. Spelling on important front page c-. Sorry its the teacher in me!

  Storik 10:05 25 Mar 2005

but, wherever this should be posted, I am of the opinion that you should reword your welcome!

Any reference to "incase it damages your computer" will, in my opinion put people off, straight away. It did me!!!

"Welcome to my webpage . This site is designed to porvide help for computers and modern technology. I will use my experience and the internet to find the very best answers to all of your questions. If my advice doesn't answer your question or resolve your problem please email me the Question at [email protected] and I will review my advice. The best thing you can do is create a System Restore point before trying any of my advice just incase it damages your computer. To do this on Xp Go to Start, All Programs, Accesories, System Tools and click on System Restore to create a Point in your computer which you can return to at any time which will take your computer back in time to the Restore Point which will change all of your Settings Back. I will not intentionally damage your computer but different programs will react differently to change and different Operating Systems of Xp will not accept the change you create. Hope you enjoy!

The Napster"

Take another look at the wording.


  jbp1982 10:19 25 Mar 2005

From what I have read, not only is the writing bad, you intend to seek answers for people by asking in forums. I am sure that they can ask for help in forums themselves but on the other hand, if the people needing help find their way to your site before heading here, God help them!

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