Check a Graphics card?

  1936 17:25 28 Jul 2009

I am trying to capture a VHS tape to my computer to help build a birthday video. A cable runs from the VCR to the graphics card but does not show on the Pinnacle Studio software desktop.
Is it possible to check to see if the graphics card is working and if so how is it done?

  Stuartli 17:50 28 Jul 2009
  DieSse 18:56 28 Jul 2009

Does your graphics card have a video-in connector? Most don't.

  1936 19:30 28 Jul 2009

I don't know if my graphics card have a video-in connector. Could you tell me how to check it.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:10 28 Jul 2009

is right, few graphic cards have any input sockets, why not post the card details for us?

  1936 20:37 28 Jul 2009

I used Belaric to find this.
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS [Display adapter]
ViewSonic VX912
I tried to get into the NVIDIA support but its made as difficult as possible.

  DieSse 21:10 28 Jul 2009

I'm 99.9% sure your card only has outputs. You need a video capture card, or USB box to take video into your PC


click here

  1936 23:17 28 Jul 2009

I suspect that an appropriate Vidoe Capture card would cost a lot which means a USB box. Someone gave me an "Xpert DVD maker USB 2 but that dosent run with the Pinnacle software I already have so I wonder if a Pinnacle one is the choice.
I would welcome any sugestions.

  DieSse 00:02 29 Jul 2009

Xpert DVD maker USB 2 - what about using the software that comes with it?

  1936 19:00 29 Jul 2009

I find myself in the position of feeling rather thick because after trying to get Pinnacle to accept a signal from my VCR I find that it does not have that capability because the Video card does not accept a signal from a VCR and I suspect that one that does will cost a lot.
I do have a device called Xpert DVD maker with a disc that is called, "Power Producer Gold". The device is about one and a half inches wide, four inches long and half an inch thick. It has a four wire setup at one end which goes to the VCR and a cable at the other end with a USB plug. This gadget brings in a picture of what the VCR is playing but it appears to only have the facility to copy the VCR content to a DVD and I can not see a way to save it to my hard disc to use subject matter for the video that I want to build.
It looks as though I have to look for a device that will allow me to capture from the VCR to my computer. Who knows but Pinnacle may even produce one.
I know that it is possible to play a VHS tape on a VCR through the TV and record iy on a DVD but firstly I don't know if I can just bung that in the computer and abstract the bits I want and secondly I really would like to be able to do all the work using a computer.

  DieSse 19:45 29 Jul 2009

"Who knows but Pinnacle may even produce one."

They do - see link earlier. It's called Dazzle, and comes with software.

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