check disk vista??

  Mary_S 15:25 13 Oct 2008

Dear All,
I have a brand new laptop and im having troubles starting check disk.
I bought an advent 5411, found files on c drive was corupted and was todl to run a check disk. Wel lproblem was even when a check disk was scheduled , it didnt load up when i restarted . So i went back and got the laptop exchanged.
However, I just got home with the new laptop and the first thing I am doing, is checking that check disk will perform and guess what it doesnt.
I've tried both methods through command prompt using chkdsk /F/c
and also thourgh right click on c drive properties etc.
Im about to take it back as well, but I get the feeling that this is a common problem on many different laptops.
Can anyone give me some info on this please?
Im about to leave in 15 mins to take it back , so any suggestions quickly would be greatly appreciated , thanks!!

  tullie 15:29 13 Oct 2008

Isent a common problem as far as i am aware,certainly not on a brand new laptop,i have never encountered this.

  Mary_S 15:31 13 Oct 2008

Really, dayum i was hoping i could adjust some settings on the laptop to get it running. Thanks anyway!!
Anyone else got any ideas?

  T I M B O 15:35 13 Oct 2008

1) right click C:
2) click properties
3) click tools tab
4) click check now
5) then put tick in bottom box so they are now both checked
6) then click yes when the pop up comes up
7) reboot pc and let it finish till it reboots back into windows

But if you are having problems like this, then take it back to ur supplier

  peter99co 15:53 13 Oct 2008

If you are using a brand new machine and getting errors already take it back. Is it reconditioned or out of the box?

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