Check Disk nightmare!!!

  retslek 10:27 08 Jul 2008

I hope someone out there can help me because – to give you an idea of my frustration level -- I’m about ready to set fire to my computer and then grind the smouldering ashes into dust with a lump hammer, as I foam at the mouth babbling expletives.

Here’s the problem: At some point my computer crashed and I had to turn it off using the switch at the back of the box. When I turned it back on check disk (chkdsk) automatically started up with a message saying something along the lines of ‘it’s highly recommended you run this’. So I did and it started up then stopped and remained stopped, frozen, until I eventually gave up and turned the computer off at the back again.

This process repeated itself (chkdsk freezing, and always at a different point) and does so every time I turn the computer on – the only way round it is to take up the ‘hit any key in 10 seconds’ option to bypass the check disk. I don’t like doing this though because if there is something wrong with my harddrive, or just needs some file repairs, I want to sort it out, not ignore it.

I browsed the net for solutions but I can’t seem to find a way of running check disk once I’m into windows. If I go to ‘run’ in the start menu and input the ‘chkdsk’ command (with or without the /f parameter or any thing else; I’ve tried them all) I always get the same message about the ‘volume being in use’ and ‘do I want to set it to go on restart’. This puts me back to square one because check disk always freezes on restart.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the harddrive because I’ve checked it with HD Tune and it said it was fine. So maybe I should turn off chkdsk but I’m buggered if I know how too. I’m running windows XP (see details below) but don’t have the installation CD because it was installed with the computer – so I can’t boot from the CD and use the repair console (as someone suggested).

Oh, and to add to my joys, safe mode doesn’t work either – I get a screen full of text when I try to boot it up – something to do with drivers I think.

All in all I’m sick to my back teeth with this machine and hope someone out there can help me before I reduce it to chips.

System details:
Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Service Pack 3
Tiny Computers
Pentium® 4 CPU 3.00GHz
2.99 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM

  FreeCell 10:38 08 Jul 2008

To run Chkdsk.

Use My Computer, click once to highlight trhe disk to be checked (presume C:) right click, select Properties and then select the Tools Tab.

Select the Error Checking "Check Now" button to run Chkdsk

  DieSse 10:46 08 Jul 2008

Check the drive with the manufacturers diagnostics.

eg Seatools for Seagate drives.

  ronalddonald 10:46 08 Jul 2008

you get into safe mode by pressing f8 key as the computer is being booted up. and then let run.

If thats a no no then you can do a repair of windows by placing the disc in the drive swich off and boot and press f12 key.

Now i hope youve made a backup of your files then ones you need on a pen drive or other extrnal drive. Repair will not get rid of your files but the nest option if you choose to use it will delete the whol harddreive

The next option instead of repairing instrall a fresh copy of windows xp delte the partitions if want to whatever you choose but you have to agress by presing f8 key to the user agreemnet and take it form there. WARNING YOUR PERSONAL FILES WILL BE DELETEED by this option.

Now its down to you wucihh path you take and i hope your pc feels better ohb by the way it can take upto an hour to repair or laod a newdcopy of windows xp so dont get frustrateed gets some bisuits sit down watcha cartoon aor go for an30 min stroll around the house and take deep breaths to calm down. Eve thiought of taking yoga?

  ronalddonald 10:48 08 Jul 2008

when you get the time upgrade the ram to 2gb by using click here or click here thats orca or just type in ram in the search google button.

  ronalddonald 10:55 08 Jul 2008

way is there an optinn whent the chdisk runs that you can by pass it from running. if so chhos ehte option not to run it.

normally checkdisk come up if you idnt close down windows properly.

Also when you getthe time run anti virus and mailware i presume you have these if you dont goto

click here

and download them onto a pen drive and then later load them onto your computer superantispywaer is vry good to use and avast anti virus.

Now now dont be picking a sledge hammer over that computer..

  boot-it-out 14:07 28 Oct 2008

When chkds is set to run at boot up it is called autochk and can be disabled as follows :

Start / Run - type "cmd" ( without quotes ),
hot Enter to open a DOS command window.

Type cd\ to return to a c prompt ( C:> )

Type "chkntfs c: /x" without the quotes and noting the spaces, then hit Enter.

Thsi will disable autochk from running on the C: drive when booting up.

If you want it to run again do exactly the same but replace the "x" with a "c"

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