BIG ben strikes 10 19:12 14 Mar 2004

hey all(again)
i need a mouse,a really cheap mouse iv seen some for £ there any cheaper? or a old basic mouse that you dont use that i could buy off you? cheers

  Diodorus Siculus 19:21 14 Mar 2004

Email me your address and I will put one in the post for you in the morning.

  BIG ben strikes 10 19:27 14 Mar 2004

really? thats really much do want it for it? my e-mail add is [email protected] will save you getting loads of addverts.mine i dont use anymore.if you e-mail me ill know your address and then i can tell you my house address.thanks alot mate

  BIG ben strikes 10 19:28 14 Mar 2004

[email protected] the the made it go wrong lol

  Diodorus Siculus 19:35 14 Mar 2004

I don't want anything for it. I have emailed you - reply with your address.

  BIG ben strikes 10 19:39 14 Mar 2004

righty ho.cheers mate.that is really kind of thankyou.its just my old mouse doesnt work.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:10 14 Mar 2004

Got your mail. No worries.

click here for a mouse for £2.73.

  BIG ben strikes 10 20:49 15 Mar 2004

that was still very kind of you to offer that mouse.all gratefull all the family has all these doubts about giving your address to someone you dont know.i have had a look at that mouse and its quite nice.might be that one ill get? do you have yahoo messenger?

  mikef. 21:13 15 Mar 2004

Just a note you do not need to post your email you can contact each other by using the envelope icon.

It is not a good adea to post emails where anyone can see it, the envelpoe one goes through PCA's servers.

  BIG ben strikes 10 21:18 15 Mar 2004

O rite.ok.cheers i didnt know that lol.

  PC Mad Boy. 21:23 15 Mar 2004

here is one on ebay: 2794697454 for £1.95

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