cheapo motherboards?

  dfghjkl 22:07 17 Nov 2004

i am building my son a pc in the new year,based on a xp2500+ to 3200+ depending on price and budget at the time.he will use it mainly for school work,msn,downloading and burning music etc,he will inherit my fx5700 graphics card and likes to play far cry etc.
what i want to know is i see these mobo,s for prices like £17 for the pc chips 810ml (i think from memory) and the asrock k7 something for about £23.they have 5.1 sound will run at 400 mhz (not sure about the pc chips on that one) usb 2,usually 4 at least,lan,even vga on some,
what i want to know what performance drops can i expect from say a kt6 or similar (about £40 to £50)
they are so cheap but they must work and i expect they sell a lot of them.ARE THEY WORTH IT? is what i like to know.thanks,peter.

  Belatucadrus 22:52 17 Nov 2004

Having recently looked into PCChips Mobos, the main problem appears to be when attempting to install AMD Sempron chips with the 333 fsb as they seem to need a BIOS flash to support them, not apparently a problem with Athlons. I eventually went for a Gigabyte not because I had gone against PCchips, but in the micro ATX format I wanted it was shy a few PCI slots, and the price saving was pretty marginal for the loss of capabilities. On bigger form boards, the reviews on e buyer appear split in two there are those that reckon they are amazing and those who've tried to fit a Sempron and are cheesed off in a big way click here
I have no idea if they have much of a support bundle, at that price probably not a lot.

  Gaz 25 23:19 17 Nov 2004

get a decent motherboard - don't play with the cheap ones!

For me, cheap ones fail to often!

  igr 10:05 18 Nov 2004

Running both the PCCHIPS M810ml (7.1a) and the M848A (2.1)- the former with a 2400xp and PC133 DRAM with FSB at 266mhz; the latter with a 3200xp and PC3200 DDR with FSB at 400mhz. They are pretty easy to set up and work a treat linked together via an ZyXEL adsl router. The M848A does not have built in graphics - the M810ml does.

PCChips is part of the Elite Computer group - they make bucket loads of m/bs and obviously have their quality control sorted. At £20 you are not spending a fortune, so can upgrade in a couple of years if you wish

  rickf 10:09 18 Nov 2004

Built two PCs with Asrock mobos, a 2.8 and a 3.2 AMD with the K7 series and they are very good. No probs at all.

  Gongoozler 10:17 18 Nov 2004

I am using an ASUS A7V8X-X click here. Because the chipset is a bit old the price has come down enormously. This board is well made, a doddle to set up and performs well. At £32.58 inc VAT I think it's a better buy than the cheaper boards. Having said that, I've built 3 computers using the Syntax (economy branch of PC Chips) SV266A, and other than one board being returned as Dead on Arrival, they have all been trouble free.

  ste_bla 10:29 18 Nov 2004

asrock im pretty sure you will find are made by asus and are their value type line.

However for a cheap mobo why not try a MSI one? such as click here
£36 inc.

  dfghjkl 21:50 18 Nov 2004

i have a kt4l and am very happy with it,run it for over a year now with no problems and i have clocked with it with no problems and good results.i think they are about £35 now (£48 when i got mine)i was just trying to get the best for my money,it is for my sons birthday and i am upgrading his old k6.if i dont keep the cost down i will have to spend the same on my other two kids when they have their birthdays and they are all within 8 weeks of christmas so it is an expensive time of year.
i was thinking of £25 for mobo,£45 for 512 of 3200 ram (i intend to swap with my 2700 when he is not looking and run my 2500+ at 3200+)and i was hoping to get a 2500+ barton if there are any left after christmas.if not i will probably get the best i can for £ that is my budget £120 i guess,that is maximum and i would like it nearer the £100 mark,maybe a 2200+ and £17 for mobo,any cheap bundles about?
thanks for your time.peter.

  Longhouse 10:29 19 Nov 2004

Have used PC Chips, Jetway & Asrock MoBo in budget builds many times in the past and present with no particular problems although Jetway MoBo gave probs with O/B sound. Also tried Tyan & Asus for more up market builds but had occaisional stability problems with both!

Would heartily recommend the Asrock MoBo series for performance, stability & price.

Currently running Asus A7V600-X with AMD 2500 Barton (Asus Graphics, Crutial RAM) that occaisionally locks up (I don't play games), Asrock K7S8X AMD 2500 Barton (Sapphire graphics, Crutial RAM) that's sweet & quicker than Asus (son's games machine) with old Tyan Trinity P600 + Jetway P400 + others on network. Both 2500s have been run clocked in the past to 3200 for a period (@ 400 FSB) with no problems but didn't see any real benefit in the apps & games we use so put them back to 2500 @ 333 FSB.

Buy the Asrock but make sure if you want to overclock that you get the right board (400 FSB for mem & processor) and use 3200 quality memory.

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