Cheapest way to share broadband?

  jediknight007 17:36 14 May 2003

Sorry, I know that this question has been asked several times and I have had a look but none seem to help much. I currently have 512K broadband from PlusNet but I only went for the USB modem package because a friend of mine manages to share his broadband with his brother through network cards and a cable and I also didn't want to spend more for a router since the USB package already came to £116.

My friend has installed a network card in 2 of his computers and then connected them with some cable. He said that once that is done, all you need is to set up ICS and then both PCs can use broadband. Is this true? I don't mind having to switch on my PC so that my brother can use the net since I pay for it myself anyways so I should be able to control when he can use broadband. So what type of network cards will I need? Will the cheap 'under £10' ones from ebuyer work? And do both cards have to be identical? And what cable will I also need?

I also would like to know whether I can control how much of the connection he can have. For example, if he starts downloading some big file and I don't want him to slow down my connection speeds, then is there some program that will display his current download/upload speed so that I know when he is attempting to download? And also, am I able to stop his downloads if his downloads reduce me down to '56K speeds'?

And when our PCs are both connected, how will my brother be able to connect? Will he have to connect as well if I'm already connected or will I just have to do it since my PC will be the main one with the ADSL modem? I know that I should have paid extra for the router but I thought that I could be on broadband and he would be stuck on 56K and now it seems I will have to share it and stop the 56K connection to reduce costs. Anyways, thanks for reading and any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers.

  Pilch.... 17:40 14 May 2003

Get 2 network cards and a cross over cable, plug them in, set up internet connection sharing, which is in XP which i know you have :-) and then you should be able to go.

Not to sure on what you can do about the throttling of his download speed though

  Pilch.... 17:42 14 May 2003

Cost about £30 max.

  AndySD 17:43 14 May 2003

The 2 cheap cards and an RJ45 crossover cable is all you need. He will be connected whenever your pc is turned on.....and yes there is sofftware to manage his connection but I realy dont think you will notice a spped reduction to often to bother about.

  jediknight007 17:51 14 May 2003

So would this do:

From ebuyer

2x Ebuyer 10/100 Network Card with w/wake on Lan - Retail Box click here £6.76

1x RJ45 Cat 5 Crossover Cable 15MTR click here £12.71

Total price plus delivery: £25.92

  AndySD 17:57 14 May 2003


  jediknight007 17:58 14 May 2003

But why does the cable cost so much? I know it's 15 metres but surely there must be another place which sells it cheaper. I just wasted £13.99 yesterday at PC World on a RJ11 cable for my ADSL modem.

  AndySD 18:03 14 May 2003

Thats cheap its normally £1 a metre

  jediknight007 18:05 14 May 2003

Ok, cheers, I know what to buy now but I still want to ask something else. Is it possible to limit the networking to just for broadband? I don't want my brother to see anything on my PC at all and that the only thing he can do is just go on the net. Also, if we both use MSN Messenger at the same time, what will happen? And can we see each other's history and stuff or can that be hidden?

  AndySD 18:19 14 May 2003

When the network wizard starts just allow it to set up for ics not file and printer sharing. He wont be able to see anything on your pc.... msm messinger will sort itself out.

  jediknight007 19:17 16 May 2003

Ok, but what about controlling his internet usage? I don't him to start downloading at 50-60kbps whilst I'm doing some important work and need to load the pages quickly or when I'm downloading myself. If I am doing something that requires most of the connection speeds such as streaming videos, then how can I be notified when he starts downloading at the same time as well?

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