Cheapest, but reliable CD-R's?

  Mad Boy 11:25 04 Oct 2003

Im looking for some very very cheap, but good quality and reliable blank cd-rs. I always use Verbatim and sometimes TDK. Anyway, i seem to go through a hell of a lot of cd's just for back up and storage purposes more than anything. So im trying to cut back on expensive(ish) cd-r's. Any ideas and where from?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:29 04 Oct 2003

Get all mine from Ebuyer and I think they are flogging them w/o cases for £18/100 at here I've used over a thousand of these cheapies and only had about 4 coasters which were my fault in any case. Pound shops flog the jewel cases, 10 for a squid or you can buy card cases from computer fairs at £3 for a hundred or two.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:30 04 Oct 2003

Oh and they are flogging 100 double jewel cases with the CDs for £10.


  Morpheus© 11:31 04 Oct 2003

safeways are selling 10 Sony with cases for £3.99

  Mad Boy 11:33 04 Oct 2003

cool, thanks Gandalf > but i think that is dear...The £3.99 sounds more for me. Have you tried them morpheus?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:42 04 Oct 2003

The Sony disks cost £39.99 for a 100, Ebuyer..£18/100, am I missing something here? If you use them mainly for backup you will not need the cases.


  Morpheus© 11:49 04 Oct 2003

hi madboy, (the same as madboy33) yes, just got 100 of them, on the 30 i have used previous to this lot, not one bad on among them


  Mad Boy 11:51 04 Oct 2003

ok, what you suggested was good gandalf, i just dont want to spend money along those lines, if you know what i mean

  Sir Radfordin 13:03 04 Oct 2003

On the whole the one's GANDALF <|:-)> suggested are fine, always takes me a while to work out which way up they go in! Only had a couple of dead discs but that could have been for a number of reasons.

  spuds 14:49 04 Oct 2003

Aldi have CD-R 80's with jewel cases [Tevion-Germany]at £3.99 for 10. Tevion click here

  spuds 14:57 04 Oct 2003

Two further links click here click here

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