Cheap, simple database program?

  Terry B. 11:11 10 Aug 2004

Hi. I have just been given a PC running Windows Me. My previous PC was a 486sx with Windows 3.11 (laugh all you want). On the old system, I had a handy little database set up in MS Works 3.0. On my new system, in addition to having to learn a new OS, the only DBMS on the disk appears to be MS Access 2000. While I appreciate that this appears to be a super-duper powerful piece of software, I am finding it a tad over-complicated at this stage. Is there something simpler, without forking out a lot of ££? I am using it to keep track of my window-cleaning customers (work due, ££ owed/received, etc...).

  spanneress 11:14 10 Aug 2004

Here you ones!!! click here

  terryr48 11:21 10 Aug 2004

open office free on dvd on issue 2 of pc projects out now if this is any good to you

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