Cheap but reliable Broadband

  henza_mapenza 01:36 01 Nov 2003

I am using a dial-up modem which is very slow now because of all the broadband connections out there. I might be thinking of switching to broadband soon. But which ISP offers the best, reliable but is also quite cheap broadband connection. THX

  Simon_P 02:44 01 Nov 2003

I use Blueyonder from Telewest, and it starts from ?25 a month if you have another service from them if nor it is ?29.99 for their 512Kb service.

Cant fault their relibility 99% of the time.
Only thing you have to be in their franchise area.

  BeForU 04:59 01 Nov 2003

well i use PlusNet BB and its only ?21.99 a month! have been with them since June and they are very good! have not had any problems what-so-ever! this is for the 512K service! for ?11 more you can get a 1mb connection if you like lol!

  Andsome 07:31 01 Nov 2003

If you can get NTL then for a slower broadband 150Kb for ?17.99, or 600Kb at ?24.99 per month.

  Andsome 07:33 01 Nov 2003

I don't know where the question marks came from in the above posting, it's a pity we cannot edit our postings on this forum. Just read it without the ?

  byfordr 08:18 01 Nov 2003

I use click here 2mb service, nice and fast. Not had any problems since its been up (a few months now)had some teething problems when setting up (seemed to be BTs fault)

They have fairly honest forums both with positive and negative comments click here

RapidPlay 512K ADSL - (50:1) - ?22.50/month (inclusive)

RapidPlay 1 MBit ADSL - (50:1) - ?27.50/month (inclusive)

RapidPlay 2 MBit ADSL - (50:1) - ?37.49/month (inclusive)

RapidPlay 512K ADSL - (20:1) - ?30.00/month (inclusive)

RapidPlay 1 MBit ADSL - (20:1) - ?40.00/month (inclusive)

RapidPlay 2 MBit ADSL - (20:1) - ?69.99/month (inclusive)

  jbaker65 11:10 01 Nov 2003

I recently signed up for V21 bb at ?19.95 a month. So far everything seems to be fine. It's a 512kb connection.

  spuds 11:47 01 Nov 2003

Worth a browse click here

  1x11456 14:22 01 Nov 2003

try at ?23 a month for 512mbps or for ?28 a month you can have 1 mbps

  CODEYE 16:17 01 Nov 2003

Whats up with all the question marks instead of the pounds sign ?? or ??

  Dipso 23:42 01 Nov 2003

You can't get much cheaper than than my provider, Metronet. click here
The service is on a Pay As You Go basis and starts from ?11.75 a month inc VAT which is cheaper than many unmetered dial up packages. I've been with them since July and the service has been faultless. Check out the forum click here

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