Cheap and reasonable graphics card

  spuds 14:38 26 Feb 2006

I believe that I have an on-board graphics card installed on my computer. Previously I was able to use Google Earth, but for some unknown reason I was no longer able to use this programme. Various alternatives was advised via Google help and error messages, but none seem to work.My remaining alternative (according to Google) is to get a 'better' graphics card.

Any suggestions for a straight forward replacement. Not into high speed gaming or fancy high capacity 3 D's. Something cheap and simple, with possible links would be ideal.

Final question: Is it possible to fit an additional graphics card to on-board system!.

  Ade_1 14:48 26 Feb 2006

Yes it is possible for you to have additional graphics, you will have to disable your onboard graphics once you have a new graphics card.

Do you know what expansion slots you have available so that suggestions for graphics cards can be suited to your needs.

  spuds 16:07 26 Feb 2006

Thanks guys for the information. Need to look at the slot situation later today.

How would you disable the on-board card!.

  sidecar sid 16:17 26 Feb 2006

If you have an 8x AGP slot.

click here

If you only have PCI.

click here

(collect at store)

  spuds 16:23 26 Feb 2006

Starfox- Checked the links and both lead to the same product!.

Rdave13- Just used the Crucial link, and the scan came up with four suitables for my system. Crucial Radeon X800 GTO AGP (£160.96) to lowest price Crucial Radeon 9250 128mb AGP (£30.54). The other selections,Radeon X700 256mb AGP (£102.21) Radeon 9600SE 128mb (48.16).

  spuds 21:46 26 Feb 2006

Just made three different bids on eBay, and lost out on all three items at the last few seconds :o(

  spuds 11:57 27 Feb 2006

Will tick as resolved, due to serious problems with the computer. Back to the repair centre tomorrow, so I may not be on the internet for a few days.Thanks again everyone for the advice and help offered.

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