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  MattW 11:31 27 Dec 2005

I recently gave my son an old Lexmark Z31 (?) printer in the hope that when and if we get our wireless network working, see here for my woesclick here so he can print directly from the net. Only it would seem to me that to re-new the print cartridges (bout £60) is more expensive than buying a mega cheap printer. All he would need is a black cartridge for printing. Any ideas?



  Border View 12:13 27 Dec 2005

I had exactly the same printer and know what you mean about the cost of cartridges. In the end I bought a Canon i450 (reconditioned) from Morgan computers and have never looked back. I get compatible cartridges black and one tricolour £11 for the pair. Also the Canon has the Easy-WebPrint so you are one click away from printing a web page. Might pay you to look around. Good luck.

  spuds 12:18 27 Dec 2005

I think that you have answered your own question. In most cases, a new printer is more cost effective and far better than trying to run an old printer.Dell were selling their rebadged Lexmark 'Z' model for £9.99 delivered a while back, as a clearance offer.Regarding the £60 for cartridges, you can get them much cheaper from many outlets, including click here

  palinka 12:21 27 Dec 2005

A common problem is that cheap printers often cost more to run than less cheap printers. If I were cynical I would observe that there is possibly a rake-off here for retailers - customer delighted with "free gift" of printer when he buys a new PC, (it's so cheap retailer can afford to bundle it in) then customer has to spend a lot with the retailer to keep that printer "on the road".
I would avoid Epson printers - a neighbour had the experience I've just described; and still went back and bought another Epson, against advice of me and others; and she's already reaping the "reward" of that decision. Meanwhile my Canon (a fairly aged BJC3000) prints far more pages for far less outlay.
Look at ink costs for any printer you're considering - that's much more significant than the initial outlay to buy the printer.

  CLONNEN 12:28 27 Dec 2005

I still use an old Epson Stylus 480 inkjet printer (it came bundled with my computer) - very cheap to run cartridges cost less than £2.00 for black ink and only slightly more for the colour ink (compatible cartridges not the rip-off Epson manufactured ones)

  amonra 16:31 27 Dec 2005

If you only want to print B+W then look at cheap laser printers, PCWorld had a Samsung for around £50 and also a HP (i think) for the same price. Dont expect photo quality, but for letters etc. ideal.

  pj123 17:40 27 Dec 2005

There are plenty of cheap printers (Lexmark is a good example). But it is the running costs that make the difference. It is always cheaper to buy a new Lexmark printer than to replace the ink.

I have 2 Epson printers an 895 and an R200.

My ink is bought from Choice Stationery click here

Good price for the printers and an even better price for the replacement ink.

click here

  Ray5776 18:27 27 Dec 2005

Throw away anything by Lexmark and buy Canon, superb quality and cheap to run.

  sidecar sid 19:04 27 Dec 2005

The Cannon Pixma 1500 is an excellent budget printer capable of reasonable photo printing.

click here

Quality compatible cartriges.

click here

£8.00 per set inc vat and delivery.

£4.98 per set if you buy three.

  Ray5776 20:18 27 Dec 2005

Try "XPRINT" site for consumables, I have found them very good.


  Strawballs 20:25 27 Dec 2005

click here Don't know which one for Z31 but try here.

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