cheap mp4 players

  stephen0205 11:52 23 Oct 2006

hi there im looking for a gig or 2 gigs mp4 player and i want something that looks like the ipod nano but i can only find one and its pricey .. 2gig for 90 quid so if somone could show me some cheaper ones that would be great]

  DEGSY 19:09 23 Oct 2006

Try this link to e-bay-it will take a couple of weeks,as it is shipped from Hong Kong.I have just ordered one.Cant go wrong for price!I paid £22-97 for 1gb.(item £4-99plus £17-98 p/p).Should be ok with uk.customs regarding low buying price!!!
link-click here

  sean-278262 19:19 23 Oct 2006

Why does it have to be an ipod look alike. There are plenty of better players that look nothing like the ipods. Why do you feel the need to imitate?

click here
click here
click here
click here

If you are trying to impress and fit in with a group then why not consider getting something different and ultimately better looking? You certainly would turn more heads. iPods are common the above linked ones are not so much.

  Madscot_uk 22:40 23 Oct 2006

I agree with Creature of the Nite, how about creative's Zen v range of mp3 players: click here

I own its bigger brother the Zen Vision M and the Zen V is said to be just as good

  NoIdea21 22:44 23 Oct 2006

You could also tryclick here

  NoIdea21 22:51 23 Oct 2006

Just checked my self and can't find any mp4 players on my link.
Good site though always worth a look.

  goonerbill © ® 01:40 24 Oct 2006

have a look on ebay. got a nice 1gb mp3 player that also plays mp4 movies, radio, phone book and a few other things for £25 inc. p&p. looks a lot like a ipod nano/video and have had a look inside (see if it was possible to upgrade storage) and may of the parts including the memory are made by samsung.

2gb version is going for around £35/40.

  stephen0205 09:59 26 Oct 2006

i just like the look of the ipod but hate using one .... had one or 2 before and i hated em but thought they loked really gd.... ta for the help

  Bramblerose 10:03 26 Oct 2006

We bought one of these for £52.99 - its great!

click here

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