Cheap micro atx motherboard and CPU bundles

  PhillyG76 07:24 28 Jan 2018

Hi, I’ve posted a lot of questions about upgrading my old HP Pavilion P6205. So far increased the ram to the max 4GB and fitted a Nvidia GT710, which is certainly an improvement on the built in Intel GPU. But it can still struggle trying to play GTA IV on decent graphics settings. A lot of people have said I should change the CPU from the Intel E8600 3.3GHZ dual core to an Intel qx9650. But I was also thinking of getting a second hand motherboard and using my current CPU and DDR3 ram, and then increasing it to the maximum 8GB. But have seen other more modern micro atx boards for around £70 brand new, but they’re for the Intel LGA1151 socket CPU’s. And to get a processor that’s at least a quadcore and seems to noticeable step up from what I have, I’m looking at least £130, and then possibly having to replace the memory to DDR4.

So I was considering getting a secondhand Asus board that had the same Intel G41 chipset, so I could use my current CPU, but would allow me to add an extra 4GB of ram, has a 1GB/sec Ethernet instead of 100MB/sec and would allow overclocking. Then as time goes on can fit a quad core (secondhand), and maybe upgrade the GPU from the Nvidia GT710 to the GT1030. But in a few years it’ll seem like I’ve not really progressed. Can anyone recommend good motherboard and CPU bundles (maybe I’ve not looked enough at secondhand ones), if I was able to find both for not much more than £100, then I wouldn’t be too bothered if It meant starting again and having to buy DDR4 memory. Thanks in advance people.

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