Cheap colour printer?

  Pikaser 23:21 28 Feb 2005

Just wondering if anyone could recommend a decent colour printer for infrequent home use, will occasionally print photos but will use it mainly for black and white text. I'm looking to spend up to about £70 max.

Any help is much appreciated!


  Happy Soul 00:18 01 Mar 2005

click here to have a look at some Epsons.

  Jak_1 00:23 01 Mar 2005

Out of peronal choice I would say look at the Canon printers. Quality is good and refils are a reasonable price.
It's not so much the cost of the printer but the cost of ink cartridges after.

  wallbash 00:28 01 Mar 2005

I would agree with Jak_1 , I have used compatable inks in both Epson and Canon . Moved over to Canon from Epson. Similar pricing for printer and ink . But went for canon because it was quieter !!

  Happy Soul 00:34 01 Mar 2005

Um, mainly black and white, occasional colour photos and infrequent use.

One word of advice, whichever printer you choose, make sure you print a small colour picture every week or so or the head/s could block. Probably will, so be warned.

  jack 08:45 01 Mar 2005

The world is your oyster as regards which printer
for price.
All the advice given is valid
Some of like this make others like that one.
Though generally speaking Epson/Canon are the leaders and the rest are also ran.
They all compete so that are all as good/bad as each other.

A further word of advice however.
Just because you will be mainly in 'black' work only
do not think the colour carts will remain full. they won't.
Printing black means using 'ALL' the colours.
Take a magnifiying glass to a printout and take a peek- You will be amazed.
So as advised use the full colour facility from time to time to ensure clean out put.
full funx

  Pikaser 21:30 01 Mar 2005

Thanks lots for all your help folks, I think that's made my mind up. It's been between Canon and Epson and the advice about the refils and making sure I do colour printing regularly has been taken note of! One other thing, are there any specific models which you would say are more reliable or am I just sounding anal now?!


  wallbash 21:48 01 Mar 2005

I have a friend who still uses an Epson 600 (I think) but I do know its 'old' . Me, I've wreaked a printer two weeks after the guarantee run out!
Stick to either the Epson or canon, you won't go far wrong.But shop around for the best price.

  Alan H E 21:55 01 Mar 2005

PCA recommends Canon ip3000 one advantage each colour is a separate tank.

  Jak_1 22:05 01 Mar 2005

One of my priorities when buying a new printer is that it has seperate cartridges for all colours and the black. Yellow is always the first to go as it is the mixer colour. As Alan said the canon ip 3000, it is a good printer at a reasonable price however check PC Advisor test on printers in the magazine a couple of issues back.

  pj123 12:38 02 Mar 2005

Check out here for Epson printers

click here

or here for Canon

click here

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