Cheap and cheerfull audio software?

  Diemmess 10:55 06 Jan 2004

Having neglected sound for a couple of years, can anyone please recommend software to allow music editing better than the basic Win98SE "Recorder"?

I once dabbled with Cool Edit demo (now Adobe Audition, with a price tag to match!) Also another program which no longer exists in my life.

That was a motherboard or two away from where I am now with onboard sound "Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio" - (according to device manager) running 98SE.

So as I said, Anyone know of adequate, not too elaborate, downloadable software?

  mole44 10:59 06 Jan 2004

i use a program from magix,cheap and does the job

  spikeychris 11:37 06 Jan 2004

"not too elaborate", if you've been playing with Cool Edit then EVERYTHING else is not too elaborate. I've got Cool Edit Pro 2 (formally known as) and every time I switch it on I find something new.

click here

click here

Try the above links for hundreds of links to freeware.


  bill sykes 11:39 06 Jan 2004

but take a look at Goldwave 4.26 from click here. You can use it for free with just a few restrictions.

  Diemmess 11:53 06 Jan 2004

With a "tranch" like that it will take more than a while to browse through it. There has to be something there to suit me.

When I say I dabbled with Cool Edit (limited) I probably shuddered and tried something else instead, but cannot remember what it was!

  leo49 11:57 06 Jan 2004

You must have a copy of Nero lying around - the Wave editor included with that is as good as any.

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